3 Crucial Corporate Communication Rules

3 Crucial Corporate Communication Rules

One thing that all human beings do is communicate every single second. Despite where you are in life or what you do, communication is critical.  At Digital Scroll Media, we understand the importance of communication and that is why we have tailor made services in Corporate Communication.
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Today I will be sharing the three basic rules of communication.

1. Clarity
In whatever you do, make sure you have a clear communication goal. Before saying anything, know exactly what you want to say, how and why. This will guide you in your communication.

Whether you are communicating via text or spoken word, ensure that the information is straight to the point and well understood. Avoid using flowery language or heavy jargon unless it suits the occasion. Leave no room for ambiguity.

2. Completeness
Say everything that needs to be said in your communication message. Never leave your audience guessing, asking questions or filling in the gaps.

Provide every information necessary. Incomplete messages can be a turn off especially if it is official communication. For instance, when calling for a meeting let people know the date, day, time, venue and agenda.

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3. Consistency
Consistency simply implies maintaining a particular standard across all your communication channels. When you chose to communicate in a particular way ensure that you communicate the same way at all times.

It’s very annoying to get information from a magazine and when you check the website the information doesn’t match. Ensure your communication is consistent to maintain credibility.

That is all for today.

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