3 Main Rules of Image Use on Social Media

3 Main Rules of Image Use on Social Media

By Tabitha Mwai
These are the rules of image use on social media:
Users of social media are looking for something that will excite them or one they could relate to. This makes use of images on social media fundamental. What we see lasts in our memory longer than what we read.

When using images bear in mind the old adage, “A good picture is worth a thousand words”. Make your images speak what you need them to communicate. Here are things to have in mind:

  • Quality
Quality in terms of resolution is key. Take high resolution images at all times. Pixelated/ low resolution images are very unattractive and will be easily ignored. Another way of ensuring your images are quality is taking photographs in well-lit rooms or outdoors.
  • Composition
Image composition is mainly determined by your focus area, framing and content. Focus on the item that you want your audience to relate to. The frame is also important because you do not want to leave so much white space on one side, balance all sides equally.
Also ensure that you do not zoom out to much, the focus of the image will be lost.
  • Consistency
There is one thing that cannot be said enough when it comes to social media marketing and it is consistency. Consistency cuts across your area of interest, quality and frequency. You cannot keep changing what you offer on the same platform. People trust brands based on their consistency and delivery.

Stick to one area of interest, same level of quality and a certain cycle of frequency.

Despite the above rules, make sure you connect with people by being creative on your image use and combining your products with images of people consuming them.

You cannot go wrong with images, someone will always connect with something!

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