6 Easy Ways to Grow your Social Media Following

6 Easy Ways to Grow your Social Media Following

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We are social beings and the growth in technology has provided us with numerous was to connect with people around the globe for all kinds of reasons. Here are easy ways to grow your following on social media.Also Read:Local Kenyan Currency Undergoes Modifications

1. Post Regularly
People will visit your page or profile because there is something to see. If you are not active on social media, how then do you expect people to engage with you?

2. Have Engaging and Useful Content
It is not enough to just be active on social media. People are looking for something that is beneficial to them in one way or another. They are looking to contribute to a conversation or even get an answer to a query. Engagement at whatever level is key. See Also:Digital security should be core of management strategy

3. Take Part in Discussions
If you are part of an on-line community such as a Facebook group, make an effort to be contributing to the discussions taking place. This will ensure that people will identify and relate to your point of view and also you as the person. Read Also:4 Cover Letter Mistakes You Could Be Making

4. Comment on Trending Topics
Every day there is a topic that is making headlines locally and globally. Since they attract the attention of the on-line masses contributing and commenting will give you visibility. Depending on how you articulate yourself, this is a great way to attract followers.Why You Should Start Networking For Career Success

5. Always use a Hash tag especially on Twitter
Hash tags are the easiest way to keep track of conversations on-line. For you to draw attention to your message you need to link to those who are discussing the same topic.Stiff Penalties In 30 Days For Tax Defaulters:KRA Warns

6. Follow Social Trains
Social trains are very popular on twitter and are designed to gain followers. You can take part in such trains to increase your followers.10 Essential Start-up Tips For Young Entrepreneurs