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Forget Hamisa Mobetto, this Burundian beauty is Diamond’s newest baby mama

Forget Hamisa Mobetto, this Burundian beauty is Diamond’s newest baby mama



The battle for Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platinumz’ heart has taken on a new twist as a one Burundian beauty queen, Honey Jesca, has joined in the fray claiming Zari snatched Diamond from her.

For Zari, the storm is not yet over as she is still battling it out with Hamisa for Diamond’s attention. Similar Story: Meet Tanzanian Model , Who just snatched Diamond from Zari

Honey Jesca, former Miss Burundi, said Zari snatched the Salome singer from her and influenced him to abandon his two children he fathered with her, yet they were close friends way back.

The 24-year-old claims to have met Diamond in 2013 when he travelled to the country for a concert. Diamond sent one of his boys nicknamed Mafya to approach her and directed her to a hotel room where they got intimate.

“Since then, he has never given me financial assistance,” stated Jesca.

She shared photos of her twin daughters on Instagram and even stated that she’s ready for DNA tests to be conducted to eliminate any doubts that they are Diamond’s children. Also Read:Bindu bichechanga: Former KTN Presenter plunges into gospel after marrying pastor

“Please Diamond Platnumz, I have solely taken care of these children since they were born. It’s time for you to take them and care for them. I give up” wrote Jesca.

According to Jesca, the singer’s mum Sandra Sanura Kassim is aware that Diamond sired twins with her.

Jesca's twin girls

Jesca’s twin girls

Jesca also made damning accusations against Zari Hassan, stating that they were best of friend before Zari was overcome by greed and went ahead to date Diamond despite knowing that Jesca was pregnant with Diamonds’ child. Also see:Amid agony that comes with an ’empty womb’, there is hope

She also accused Zari of hacking her Instagram account which had 450,000 followers.

Honey Jesca posted: “Umejitaidi mpaka umefanikiwa kuhack account yangu ambayo ilikuwa na followers 450K Saaa ulikuwa unaogopa nisikuumbuwe nataka niweke wazi ukweli woote wewe ni mganda na mimi ni mrundi halisi kujuwana mimi na wewe isiwe tabu.” Loosely translated: “You have really tried and succeed to hack into my account which has over 450,000 followers. Why are you provoking me to inconvenience you? I want to display all the truth; you are a Ugandan and I am from Burundi. Finally, its better we come together and reconcile.

Jesca stated that she will travel to Tanzania on September 25 with or without Diamond’s assistance to seek his audience. Also Read:10 Different Ways To Say Your Wedding Vows



Also in the same saga, Kenya’s Socialite Huddah Munroe has lashed at Zari, warning her that a man is only a woman’s when she is with him.  She posted on her Instagram page: “A man is yours when you are with him. When he is out he is ours. We share.”

In the same post, Huddah advised women not to advertise men, they are dating on social media…And plan B is to post him immediately you meet to get an opinion of other women. He might be having side chicks or baby mamas…Or both