Heathrow  Airport congestion makes KQ 100 delay landing

Heathrow Airport congestion makes KQ 100 delay landing

KQ 100 flight delays landing at Heathrow Airport due to congestion

Heathrow airport congestion: On Saturday the KQ 100 flight from JKIA to Heathrow was delayed due to what the captain announced as congestion.

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The congestion saw the pilot make circles and and buy time by cruising to South London before returning to land, fifteens minutes behind schedule.

This proves the busy nature of Heathrow and the apt coordination by the port coordinators.It is not the congestion of airplanes only, even passenger numbers can sometimes overwhelm.

The queue can be so long and winding. The best thing to do is to plan adequately or else one can miss a connecting flight due to the meticulous nature in which the UK border offices scrutinize passports and other documents.

Generally, allow 30-40 minutes after landing for passengers to clear passport control, baggage reclaim and Customs – longer at busy periods.

It becomes even more frustratin if tyou hold a non-EU passport. You shall be served last or after the bonafide EU travelers have been attended to.

But is now possible to register for faster clearance.

Enhance your experience with Heathrow’s Fast Track Security.

Pre-book a priority service through security, and get your journey off to a great start.
Book online to secure your place, as access is limited, and bookings must be made no later than one day before travel.

How to access Heathrow’s Fast Track Security

This is how to register for faster clearance:

  • Book a time-slot approximately two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart
  • On arrival at Heathrow, after check-in, proceed to the Fast Track security area in the terminal of your departure ( if you are travelling through Terminal 5, please proceed to the North Fast Track Security area )
  • To gain access present your booking confirmation to the officer at the desk.

Airline eligibility: Departures Fast Track is currently offered by some airlines to passengers travelling in premium cabins and to selective frequent flyer card holders as well as by Heathrow to American Express Centurion Card holders. For passengers who are eligible for access to Fast Track Security, Connections or Arrivals with their airline ticket, please click here.

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