The Journey Has Just Began- Hephziba,73

The Journey Has Just Began- Hephziba,73

Hephziba Nyamwange

Hephziba Nyamwange

For Hephziba, 73, age is not a hindrance in serving God

Meet Hephzibah Nyamwange, 73,on fire for Christ who believes that age is just a number as long as service to God is concerned.She is covering our inspiration page this Sabbath and challenges all ages to stand out and speak up. Heph, comes to us from Nairobi South SDA where she has been a member from the year 1981. Despite he old age, she is committed to serve in the pathfinder club to her last breath.

When Everest Media Solutions got on bench with her for few minutes,she depicted her sincere trust in God though her conduct and her testimony. Her first words before the interview were ‘let’s whisper a short prayer’,which clearly shows her total trust in God even in the seemingly minor things. It was after this that she opened up and narrated her journey of faith since she was a small girl. Read Also:A Glance At This Week’s Lesson

Hephziba Interviewed

Hephziba (left) being Interviewed by KenyaCurrent reporter Leah Kabindu (Right). Photo: Courtesy

“My name Hephziba is drawn from the book of 2nd Kings 21.As a young girl, I grew up in pathfinder club but stopped being a committed member when I joined college at Kamagambo as studies took better part of my life till I left in the year 1962. I became a family lady the year that followed,which distanced me even more from the club as I got busy with raising kids and taking care of my job as a secretary for 11 year”,says Heph with a light smile on her face.

A dark spell hit her life  when she was widowed in the year 1995 but she drew from her  saviour’s strength and moved on since she had to continue taking care of her 9 children,7 girls and 2 boys,most of whom were in the final stages of their education.

Heph was challenged to re-kindle her fire in pathfinder club when she attended her grandson’s graduation in the US and met women,old women serving in the club. She felt very challenged and joined the movement in the year 1998 when she retired back in the country. In the year 2006,she joined Master guide and got necessary skills that made he who she is today.

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Ever since she joined the group,her life has not been the same. She confesses that her physical and spiritual strength has been renewed day in day out through her interaction with the children. Despite the age difference, Heph says that she is very social with the kids and many call her ‘grandma’,a name that opens room for close communication and understanding. “At first, I felt like I was stagnant and I really wanted to be on the move. I thank God for the club because by fire has never gone off”.

Her support towards the pathfinder club has made her popular in the church and the several trips she has made with the kids have made the church develop trust with her and  their young generation. To her surprise, the church,from the recent past finds it hard to release the children for seminars and camporees without her presence as they believe in her motherly love and tender care.

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“I have traveled to several places with the pathfinders together with other teachers. It feels so nice to move around with young people and it makes me forget my age.The parents started having confidence in me when I became a medical missionary.  I started serving fresh juice made from different fruits, whenever we were out with the kids and this really boosted health of the kids.

Parents have been complaining of the sick kids every time they went out but the juice made tremendous improvements when the children started taking it in the year 2008 when they went to a camporee in Mwanza.

Since then, it became my routine to serve them every time we go out. Besides, I counsel the children, share bible verses and narrate stories before they go to bed all the times that we find ourselves outside the church”, she adds.

Hephziba looks forward towards the second coming of Jesus Christ  and she believes that her service in the vineyard will be rewarded upon the return of our Lord.

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Her call to all generations is they devote themselves to serve Christ as she confirms it will never be in vain. She campaigns for the club and for the church at large to ensure that all ministries in church run to achieve their dreams. Apart from being in pathfinder,she serves in other departments like in the church choir and in the women ministry where her counsel is really valued.

Her challenge comes in when young parents think that her style and way of doing things is  is old-fashioned but she says that they have learnt to settle any differences arising and at the end of the day the young generation affirms that her counsels are true and final.

A recent camporee that she has attended with the kids was in Shimo la Tewa,Mombasa. She looks forward to another camporee in December 2017 in Tanzania.

Hephziba wishes you all a Happy Blessed Sabbath.  Also read: Top Wedding Tips for brides, grooms




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