Fake yoghurt ‘Optimum’ on sale in Nakuru

Fake yoghurt ‘Optimum’ on sale in Nakuru

Kenya health officers have bust bogus yoghurt syndicate in Nakuru.
It is very terrifying as  unscrupulous business people make and sell fake yoghurt in Nakuru County of Kenya’s Rift Valley region.

Health officials have warned consumers against buying the dangerous concoction that has no milk in it but a mixture of corn powder, some nail and hair colouring chemical (henna) and preservatives.

This is greed at its best no wonder cancer and other strange ailments will dog us forever. Beware and be safe. If possible avoid yoghurt altogether unless you are super sure of its contents.

The product was seized by officers from the ministry in Manyani estate, where it was being processed and packaged ready for market in Nakuru town and its environs.

Speaking after storming the illegal manufacturing den, Nakuru East Public Health Officer Vanice Kwamboka said the officers were conducting a polio vaccination exercise when residents informed them about the illegal processing.
Ms Kwamboka said she immediately informed police officers, who accompanied them to storm a house where they found five suspects processing and packaging the product. During the Sunday evening incident, five suspects – Eusemia Osore, Kanuty Osore, Richards Myron, John Ombongi and Luke Ochieng – were arrested.
Kwamboka said they were shocked to find out that the fake yoghurt does not contain any milk content. “The ingredients used for making the product include corn flour – a product specially made for thickening soups, sauces and gravies, food colouring and henna – a product used for decorating nails mostly by women and dying hair,” she said.
Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000197903/health-officers-bust-bogus-yoghurt-syndicate