10 Different Ways To Say Your Wedding Vows

10 Different Ways To Say Your Wedding Vows

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Having a wedding is every young person’s dream, which most of them enjoy seeing it come true. The issue however is not just a wedding, but a unique wedding which many will look back and say it was worth it. One of the best ways to make your wedding stand out is by coming up with a special way to say your wedding  vows, and here are 10 different ways to say your wedding vows that can make your big day sound special.

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  • Memorizing the vows prior to the big day and saying them off head when the turn comes;Both the bride and the groom get a time to rehearse the vows and comfortably exchange them face to face without having to refer on a piece of paper.
  • Repeating the vows as read by the officiating pastor/priest; The pastor reads the vows, line by line and makes the partners to repeat, mentioning their names as required to do.
  • Recording the vows prior to the wedding and playing the audio when the time comes;The couple reads the vows just as written and they record and later play them on their big day
  • Reading out the vows to each other other;The officiating pastor hands in the written note of the vows and the two parties read them out to each other.
  • Prepare a painting or a sculpture and add it in to each other;This is where the bride and groom prepare the work of art containing the vows which they add in to each other after unveiling to the public and keep it to themselves.
  • Saying out the wedding vows in mother tongue;When both the bride and groom are familiar with each other’s mother tongue, they can exchange the vows with their local languages, which will obviously sound interesting.
  • Exchange the letters containing the wedding vows;The love birds exchange letters carrying vows and after each gets a chance to open and read, they can display to the public and keep them just as they do to the marriage certificate.
  • Compose a song containing the wedding vows and playing it on the big day;

Creative lovers can come up with a sweet soft music carrying the message contained in wedding vows which can be played for the audience to testify the vows, instead of narrating them orally.

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  • Let the pastor read the vows and say “yes I do” after every vow 

It’s the obvious way of passing marriage  vows where the one officiating the wedding reads a vow after the other and the partners accept by declaring ‘yes I do’ if they agree with whatever is read.

  • Prepare a film carrying the vows and unveil it for your guests to watch.

Some days to their big day, the bride and the groom can take numerous shots and prepare a film that illustrates the exchange of wedding vows which can be watched during their big day.

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