10 mistakes you make that are pushing him away (women digest)

10 mistakes you make that are pushing him away (women digest)

Ever wondered why he pulled away at some point? Avoid similar scenarios in future  by keeping off the behaviors that push men away….

Mind your man

Mind your man

  1. Stop analyzing everything he says and does

When you don’t know how a guy feels about you, and you’re really interested in him, there’s a temptation to try to find ‘clues’ or ‘hints’ in everything he says and does. After all, you really like this guy. You really want him to like you. So you read into every word he texts you and watch him like a hawk when you’re with him, trying to figure out how he feels about you (without having to ask him).That kind of over analyzing creates a dynamic between you that feels bad for him to be around and makes him want to ghost you.

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2. Forcing change in him won’t help

At its heart, a great relationship is all about compatibility. Compatibility means that each person likes the other person for who they truly are – for who they are when they’re being totally genuine. It’s not as easy as saying “just like him for who he is” – you have to actually, genuinely like him for who he really is. If you don’t, it will come across unconsciously through your behavior and your reactions.

The same thing holds true for him – this is a two way street. So when a woman judges a guy, or shames him for his actions and tries to get him to change, it gives him a huge shove away from her – especially if he was being genuine in that moment. Obviously, if he does something that upsets you then you should tell him that it did and explain why. But if more and more, when he’s relaxed and being his “genuine” self around you, and you don’t like that person – it’s a huge sign that you’re not compatible.

You can not change an adult, so stop shouting at him and trying to manipulate, control or change him. Trying to change someone else never works – people are who they are. If you try to change him, all it will accomplish is pushing him further away from you. The only way you can help him improve at something is by inspiring him to do so. Trying to force things on him will only make him repel more. Win him over with your love and praise, not coercion.

3. Stop blaming him for your problems

Women are strong and independent according to feminists. But that’s until when it’s time to blame men for all their personal and social problems. Learn to admit to your mistakes and apologize rather that pointing figures. Two wrongs will never, never make a right.

4. Stop letting your negativity rule your interaction with him

It’s impossible to be positive all the time – occasionally (or more than occasionally) you’re going to be in a bad mood. But your mood is the most important factor when it comes to a budding relationship with someone new. Your mood is going to determine how he feels when he’s around you – which is going to determine whether he wants to spend more time with you or not.

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It’s a law about human nature – people want to spend more time with people that make them feel good, and less time with people that make them feel bad.The thing that controls whether it feels good or bad to spend time with you is your mood. If you’re in a good mood, and happy, relaxed, and comfortable, it feels good to spend time with you. When you’re in a bad mood, well…

The important thing to focus on is trying to be in the best possible mood when you’re with him, or when you’re writing him a text or talking to spend more time with you. The other side of the coin is that negativity will make him want to spend less time with you, and drive him away (just like if he was overwhelming him on the phone. That way, your positivity will make him feel good, which will make him want to.

5. Stop acting like him

The common phrase “what a man can do a women can do better” is the doorway to destruction of relationships. Women today are confused as they are pressured to go against their feminine nature to behave as men do. Instead of embracing the gift of their feminine qualities and their roles as wives and mothers, women today are trying too hard to usurp the male roles in the name of equality. Of course, this play-acting can only lead to inner suffering as their deviancy corrodes their emotional health and send the men away

Show some concern

Show some concern

6. Don’t expect him to read your mind

This is one of the biggest mistakes women make (all through relationships) that causes men to shut down and not want to engage. Expecting him to know what’s wrong, or to know why you’re upset without telling him, is a surefire way to get him to disengage emotionally and push you away.

When a woman is honest and upfront with a man, and tells him what he did that bothered her – it’s hugely refreshing for him. It lets him know that she’s more interested in solving the problem than in punishing him for upsetting her, and it lets him know that he’s with someone special.

Making him guess what’s wrong accomplishes the exact opposite of that. It exasperates him, makes him want to move away from you rather than towards you, and pushes him away.

7. Stop being a slave to your work.

Every other religion will encourage human beings to work hard to earn their daily bread. In fact, the bible says if you don’t work you should not eat. But women have taken it extreme by avoiding their responsibilities in the name of working. You can tell the feminists millions times that women are happier at home raising children and they’ll just snap at you in anger to deny the truth. No matter how stressed and miserable they are, women will always defend their corporate and government jobs like how some abused women defend their domineering husbands. This is the power of feminist indoctrination and it does more harm than good in your relationship.

8. Stop misusing your freedom

Women will always talk of their rights and freedom, but when given a chance they greatly misuse it to a point of provoking their men. Some try drinking and partying until blacking out, blowing  cash to go shopping every weekend,traveling to exotic locations to take photos for everyone to see on Facebook and doing any other thing for fun.

But no matter what, they still feel miserable and still feel like they need to “find” themselves. It’s as if the more freedom women are given, the unhappier they get. They jump here and there for momentary pleasures, but they can’t seem to find any meaning in life because they simply refuse to live like a woman. They bought into the feminist lies and now they are hollow beings drifting around in our modern world, constantly searching, constantly blaming, constantly dissatisfied, which pushes men farther.

9. Don’t try to keep him interested by waiting him hand and foot

The harsh truth about this world is: if you don’t respect yourself, other people won’t respect you either. Respect has to start from within. You can’t get someone else to respect you and treat you with dignity unless you treat yourself with dignity first. Having self-respect demands that other people treat you with respect as well.

Many women (and men) fall into the trap of thinking that if they cater to their partner’s every whim, and do whatever he or she wants, it will make their partner like them more and put in more effort. The truth is that this behaviour will keep them far away than you think.

10. Stop making him the center of your emotional life

It makes sense to rely on your partner for emotional support – both people are there to help each other. But it’s not good to rely on your partner too much. When you make him the center of your emotional life and let yourself depend on him emotionally (where you’re counting on him to put you in a good mood and are in a bad mood if you don’t get what you’re looking for from him), it’s enough to push him away.

That kind of emotional dependence is poison to both men and women at the beginning (and middle, and ends) of relationships. The best way to avoid this mistake is to look at a relationship as something you bring happiness into, rather than extract happiness from. That way, you won’t fall into the trap of depending on him to feel good, which will make him feel like he’s being burdened by being responsible for your emotional state and push him away.

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