10 things brides often forget to do

10 things brides often forget to do

A ready to go bride

A ready to go bride

I’m getting married this weekend — it feels so strange to type that out! Almost all brides get carried by events that they forget to do a few things. Let’s face it, no matter how many spreadsheets you have or how organised you think you are, the week or two before your wedding are a minefield of easily forgotten details. Maybe you have hired someone who will make it all a thousand times easier, but even still, there’s more than a couple of jobs you need to add to your own personal wedding checklist. Add these 10 things to week before to-do list and you’ll be in good shape when the big day comes!

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1. Shine up your engagement ring

You’ll show off your new wedding ring more than a few times on the big day so it’s worth your while shining up your engagement ring a day or two before your wedding. It’ll be center-stage too, so you’ll want it to sparkle.

2. Prepare your touch up bag

This is especially important to do in advance if you’ll be getting ready at home, or somewhere besides your ceremony and reception venues. Put together a little touch up bag to bring with you, with any essentials you’ll need to feel radiant all day.

3. Get your bridal party gifts together

It’s traditional to thank your bridal party with a little gift on the morning of the wedding, and if you’ve gone to the bother of choosing something special for them, you better not forget them!

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4. Plan for morning-of snacks

Getting beautified is hungry work! The wedding day munchies sneak up on most people, so make sure to have a few snacks lying around, or ask your venue to provide a light lunch, for you and your bridal party to tide you over.

5. Bring a spare invitation suite

If you’ve put time and effort into designing your wedding stationery, it would be a shame if you didn’t get a photo taken on your wedding day to remember them as well. It can be easily forgotten since you’ve sent your invites out in advance, but keep a spare copy of the full suite and bring it along on the day for your photographer to snap them.

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6. Check if you need cake-cutting accessories

If you’re doing a cake-cutting, you should check in advance if you need a cake stand or a cutting set. Often your cake maker or the venue will have these ready for you, or can provide them if you ask, but in some cases they don’t so it’s worth asking beforehand so you don’t end up stuck when you step up to cut the cake.

7. Put together bathroom baskets

This is by no means compulsory, but it is a nice idea. A little basket full of essentials, like deodorant, wipes, safety pins, painkillers, mints, hairspray and plasters, will never not come in handy for someone. You’ve covered a lot of bases with those few essentials and your guests will thank you for it! It’s just a nice touch, but if you plan on doing it, obviously you’ll need to pick up supplies in advance.

8. Get your guest book ready

A book and a few pens isn’t always enough to get guests signing your guestbook, so if you’re hoping to take home a packed one after your wedding, it’s worth setting aside a dedicated space for it, and sticking up a cute sign so your guests know what to do! You’ll be glad you did when you look back on it in years to come!

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9. Feed your vendors

Usually your planner or your caterer will remind you to account for vendor meals for people like your photographer and coordinator, but stick it on your own list just in case. Set aside a time in your schedule for them to sit down and eat, too. You need to keep them fueled up!

10. Appoint a post-wedding person

Most venues will allow you until the next day to remove your decor and other bits and bobs, but on your first morning as a married couple, you probably won’t want to dampen your newlywed bliss by disassembling the party, cleaning up and collecting. Ask a few of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, or some family, to look after this for you so you don’t have to worry about it first thing in the morning.

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