Omwoyo: Media has cardinal role in inspiring peace during a political contest

Omwoyo: Media has cardinal role in inspiring peace during a political contest

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The Media Council of Kenya has urged media to remain vigilant and responsible in reporting the controversy surrounding the presidential petition filed by NASA.

“The media is powerful. It can cause havoc or inspire peace. As much as we have freedom of expression, we must guard against the temptation of being sucked into partisan politics,” advises MCK new CEO Mr. David Omwoyo.

The CEO has also asked journalists to respect the Supreme court process and be responsible while quoting politicians discussing the case in public.

Mr Omwoyo, a former Managing Director at Waumini Communications, also urged the international media against painting a gory picture of the current political situation in Kenya.

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As much as we have the political stalemate, Kenya is largely peaceful but a section of international media has already painted the country as a hotbed of political violence.

“As journalists we must not be over zealous in pushing for bloodshed just to hit the headlines. Let us remain truthful but responsible,” he adds.

He says alot of fake news on the Nasa petition is making rounds on social media as he urged journalists to help “debunk the fake news and help audiences determine the truth.”

“Social media users should be responsible and avoid unnecessary collision with the law by generating and spreading fake news. Verify any information before tweeting or sharing. Journalists should also never be just conveyer belts of what politicians say. It is time to take a stand and defend the truth no matter what happens but also remember no story is worth your life,” he adds.

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