3 Tips For Writing An Effective Newsletter

3 Tips For Writing An Effective Newsletter

In our last article we had a look at the different reasons why you need a newsletter. They are great marketing tools that serve to sell as well as educate your target audience. This is a good way of staying relevant among your audience.

Having a newsletter is not all you need, what you need is a newsletter that communicates to your target audience. To achieve that, here are a few tips for you:

  • React to Topical Issues: Speak to staff, clients and customers and find out what issues are causing them the biggest headaches. Then craft your articles around that and do not forget to offer solutions.
  • Keep it Brief: If you are emailing the newsletter, include a maximum of four short stories with links to your own site or other resources if people want to read more. For a printed newsletter, keep it two sides of A4 with three or four stories a-side.
  • Quality Content: Readers want quick and informative updates that enhance their understanding of your business and the sector they are in lengthy complex documents will make readers overwhelmed and they won’t bother wading through to find what is relevant to them.

Ensure that you always give your readers a reasons to look forward to the next issue or to encourage others to subscribe.

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