4 Tips on How to Increase Your Visibility on Social Media

There is so much noise on social media and for you to be visible it has to be a deliberate effort. For you to stand out, you need to be relevant and effective. Here are few tips on how to increase your online visibility especially on social media.

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1. Have a strategy
Social media is a communication tool and for you to communicate effectively you need a strategy.

As a brand, company, institution or organization you need to create a plan that will guide you in connecting with you public. Your public is a segmented group that has interest in what you offer and not the general public.

2. Choose what works best
There are numerous social media platforms and there is nothing wrong with being in all of them. In fact, these might be a way of linking with a bigger audience. However, much emphasis should be placed on the platform that works best.
Depending on the nature of business or brand different platforms have different results. Use other platforms as pillars for the best performing one.

3. Be visual
There is so much noise on social media and for you to be noticed you need to be loud and interesting.
Make use of pictures, illustrations, graphics and videos as much as possible. This is the only way to get people’s attention faster.

4. Say something important
A well thought out strategy, a good platform and visual aids do not guarantee engagement. You need to give your audience information which is helpful and important to them. This is the only way they will keep coming back.

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