5 Tips on How To Write Great Blog Articles

5 Tips on How To Write Great Blog Articles

There are so many writers more so online but what stands out is your ability to connect with your readers. People are looking for easy and nice reads to inform and even entertain them.

So how do you stand out?

  • Use a conversational language

Write as if you are talking to somebody. If it is a conversation then anybody will enjoy it and want to keep having that conversation regularly.

  • Tone down on the jargon

All those big words that you are so tempted to use, just think twice. Remember people want something EASY and FUN. The jargon may work for academic or research sites but not so much in open spaces. Readers want you to come down to their level.

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Avoid long sentences and paragraphs

Be very precise. Use every paragraph to explain a concept but avoid making them too long. If you must use long paras break them into sub-paragraphs or alternate with short ones. Just keep it simple.

  • Incorporate images and illustrations

Images are a great way to drive a point as well as break monotony.  Use images that speak to the reader and relate to the topic. Readers are attracted more to images than words. In fact, you can have an article with images and very few words. Never forget: A good picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Write regularly

Establish a calendar for your righting, it could be daily, weekly, monthly. Just make sure you have a routine that works for you. Readers will always be waiting to hear from you.
You need not be a guru for people to enjoy your articles all you need is to be relevant and to connect with your audience. Go give it a try. However, you always have the option of getting a professional such as Digital Scroll Media to do it on your behalf.

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