5 Ways Non-Profits Can Use Digital Media Effectively

5 Ways Non-Profits Can Use Digital Media Effectively

Digital media has made it easier for both volunteers and non-profit and humanitarian organizations. Now it is easier for organization to link to resources, human capacity as well as those who need their services.Read Also:6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Time At Work & Stay Ahead In Your Career

The global village has benefited the non-profits in the following ways:

1. Makes It Easy to Find Opportunities
Previously, non-profit organizations relied on word-of-mouth and newspaper listings to find potential donors, volunteers and partners. Now, through a number of websites, one can easily find all this information and link up with the donors or volunteers.Read Also:5 Easy Steps For Creating a Social Media Strategy

2. Allows Crowd sourcing to Make a Difference
Many organizations are turning to the wisdom of the crowd on Social Media, and volunteers with interests in the project can easily help.Read Also:Press Statement By The Business Community In Kenya On The State Of The Country

3. Raises Awareness about Organizations
Non-profits can now make use of social media to create awareness about their organization. They can also share with the public on the different projects they are engaging in.

4. Empowers Supporters/ Provides Freedom to Volunteers
Non-profit organizations are using the Internet to solicit for funds. Through social media campaigns and crowd funding, supporters are better able to help their favorite causes.

Online crowd funding allows dedicated supporters to actively obtain support from their friends who would otherwise not donate. Plus, the ability to donate online saves time and makes it easier to give.Top 5 Mistakes That Make Your CV Look Unprofessional

5. Communication and Documentation has been Made Easier
Volunteers can easily get feedback from the field though social media.  Social media also provides a networking platform for Non-Profits globally.See Also:Reactions: Twitter moots shift from 140 to 280 characters

Through the same medium, they are able to identify areas in society that need their assistance. Especially during Disaster response operations.

Using digital platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc., and Non-Profits can record their field experience for easier sharing.

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