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6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Time At Work & Stay Ahead In Your Career

6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Time At Work & Stay Ahead In Your Career


Time management is one of the soft skills required by employers who are seeking productive employees.

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However, most people have not perfected this skill which obviously determines the quality of service or product that an organization delivers to its customers.

Below are tips on how to improve time management skills at work. Also Read:Gikomba Market In Nairobi on Fire

  •   Make a list.

The thing about making lists is that you actually have to use them. You may want to set reminders on your phone and computer.

Lists really do work if you use them. One of the most important things is to make sure your list feels attainable, never make a list that is not realistic because you will not accomplish anything from the list.

Prioritize yours and others’ needs and plan accordingly. You might even want to make three lists — personal, home and work.Press Statement By The Business Community In Kenya On The State Of The Country

  •  Set deadlines.

There is no point in setting deadlines if you make executive decisions to always push them back.

Set a deadline and try your best to stick to it. Set your deadline a few days before the task absolutely has to be done.

This allows for the possibility that other things will get in the way, but also allow for you still to get the task done.Adobe Research Fellowship Worldwide Graduate Internship Recruitment 2018

  •  Stop multi-tasking.

People who multitask often seem to think they get more accomplished, but it’s not always the most productive or efficient route.

Regardless researchers say that women are better at multitasking than men; however our minds work better when we are truly able to focus and concentrate on one thing.Read Also:Top 5 Mistakes That Make Your CV Look Unprofessional

  • Use your downtime.

This tip requires some balance. Using all of your downtime for planning and prioritizing is bad and can lead to increased stress and burnout.

However, if you find yourself sitting in early morning traffic, this may be a good time to start prioritizing your day.

If you have opportunities like these make the best of them, but also remember to use them for relaxation as needed.Reactions: Twitter moots shift from 140 to 280 characters

  •  Reward yourself.

When you accomplish something, celebrate it! How you celebrate is up to you.

My word of advice is to keep whatever you choose to do healthy, make sure it’s something you really enjoy, don’t do it in excess, and don’t let it cause you to get further behind.

Time management skills are an essential part of making your day just a little easier. Find what works for you and stick to it.For Read:Angela Ndambuki, former Tatuu Singer is the new KNCCI CEO

  •  Learn to say No:

Politely refuse to accept additional tasks if you think that you’re already overloaded with work.

Take a look at your ‘To Do’ list before agreeing to take on extra work.

Remember taking extra tasks just to please people always backfires because people have expectations on you and the moment you do not deliver it can easily affect your relationship with them.

Time management is the key to success. It allows you to take control of your life rather than following the flow of others.

As you accomplish more each day, make more sound decisions, and feel more in control, people notice.

Leaders in your business will come to you when they need to get things done.

And that increased exposure helps put you in line for advancement opportunities.World Bank warns of ‘learning crisis’ in global education

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