7 Key Elements to Improve Your Public Speaking

7 Key Elements to Improve Your Public Speaking

Becoming an affluent public speaker is a life time goal for many. However, a few things keeping pulling you down and making you seem confused.

Whenever you are going to speak before a group of people here are things you should put into consideration:

1. Prepare adequately.  Get familiar with your topic so that you are confidence your audience. Do not memorize, it sounds unnatural as you make the presentation.

2. Presentation Structure: Have a logical flow of ideas from introduction to conclusion. Do not jump from one point to another then back. Allow your ideas to flow chronologically or sequentially.

3. Non Verbals:  Have a warm body language. Work on a good body posture to appear confident. Move around but in moderation. Make sure you also smile and maintain eye contact where possible.

4. Interaction: Establish a good rapport with your audience. Interact with them through put the presentation and give them room to ask questions and give feedback.

5. Presentation Notes: It is good to have guiding points but avoid using a lot of notes. They will distract your audience and you appear less prepared. Have a power-point presentation if you must use notes.

6. Speech: Work on your voice to ensure that you have good volume, intonation, pronunciation and clarity. You do not want your audience to strain to listen or understand your presentation.

7. Visuals: Visual aids are great when it comes to emphasizing a point. However, use minimal props they tend to distract listeners as they shift focus to the object.

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