7 Signs that you need to change the bra you are wearing

7 Signs that you need to change the bra you are wearing

By Davis Muli

7 Signs that you need to change the bra you are wearing

If it looks good it passes. That’s the mantra most ladies operate on when it comes to selecting bras. Considering that the vast majority of the female population wear one on a daily basis, it is surprising how many of them haven’t nailed finding the right one.

My female friend was telling me that finding the perfect bra is a special feeling – it’s so undeniably perfect that you’re never getting rid of it. However, once you find one that fits, you’ll spare yourself some of the signs/symptoms below.

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  1. You have pain or irritation under your breasts

If you ever get a line under your boobs — especially if it’s red, itchy, or irritated — it could mean something’s up with the underwire in your bra. It could simply be that your bras are old and the fabric overlying the underwire has worn thin, leaving this sensitive area of skin exposed to the underwire.

  1. There is bulging



If you find that some skin is spilling over when you wear a bra either on the back or side this means it is too small and too tight. Get one that matches your cup size.

  1. The underwire sits flat to your body

The wires of your bra should sit behind the breast tissue along the natural crease of the breast. Check this by pressing on the underwire when wearing your bra, if you feel soft breast tissue underneath then the cup is too small and the wire will dig in throughout the day. If you feel bone this means that the wire is behind the breast and the cup size is correct. The center front of the bra should also lie flat against your body.

  1. The straps are always falling off your shoulders

No matter how tight you make the straps, without compromising how the cup or band fits, your straps keep falling down? I know girls who try to make these bras work with safety pins and other things? Nah. You deserve better. Just get a new bra.

  1. You’re not fully covered

While different types of bras provide varying amounts of coverage and cleavage, your breasts should still be able to fit inside the cups. Bra should fit on all sides and extend to the area under your arms. Beware of extra skin spilling from the sides of the cups near your armpits.

  1. Your ribs and back have been aching

If your ribs literally ache after wearing a bra, take it as a sign you need to try something new.



  1. Bra straps leave a mark

Straps should not leave indentations on your shoulders or equally slip off. Like the back band, your straps should give an inch when pulled. Adjust the straps until the breasts are supported in a natural position which is usually half way between the shoulder and the elbow.

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