7 worst mistakes you could ever make when changing careers

7 worst mistakes you could ever make when changing careers

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Your career is your investment and just like an investment you have a right to do what you want with it. Nobody will hold it against you if you decide that you no longer exciting. But while you may have genuine reasons for switching careers other than it’s a “hot cake”, make sure that you are not making the following mistakes in the process;

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1. Looking for a job in a totally new field in a rush

A career change is not a decision you make when you wake up one day. It should be well thought out. So before you make that move, ensure that you are not escaping to yet another career that doesn’t fit just like the one you have right now. Do your research; consult with a career mentor and couch to really know whether the direction you are heading is the right one.

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2. Looking for just a ‘hot’ career…unless it fits you

Technology has made it possible for new “hot” careers to pop up like digital marketing or web design. But just because these careers are the talk of the town does not mean that they are right for you. Instead of taking a hot career like my friend, decide where you fit in in terms of your skills and passion. What you think is the perfect career today, may be just another dead end career that you may have to change in a few years’ time.

3. Getting into a career because someone you know seems to be thriving

Just because your friend does it well and seems contented and happy, doesn’t mean that it’s the right career path for you. Your friend might be a great sales person which is why they are successful selling Insurance or GNLD products and have bought mansions. But that might not be your strength. Run your own race.

4. Going back to school prematurely

When making a career change, most people run back to school to get degrees and diplomas, but this is not the best strategy. First, spend some time getting experience. Volunteer or Intern somewhere.  Find out what the field entails even before you decide to go to school. Be very sure of where you want to go before you get yourself through the pain and debt of yet another degree.

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5. Taking a new job just because of the salary

No amount of money can satisfy your dissatisfaction when you are working in a career that doesn’t fit you. In fact, research shows that workplace dissatisfaction and stress is the leading health problem for working adults. With that in mind, don’t chase the money. Rather, chase the satisfaction and the the purpose you want to achieve in a new career.

6. Not researching the job market in your next field

Not sure what field you want to go into? Research industries and positions to find a good match for your skills and career goals. Otherwise, you’re throwing darts in the dark. You can view job growth projections using the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ occupational outlook handbook. Who knows, you might discover a field withabove-average job growth that’s perfect for your skill set, but something you never considered doing.

7. Quitting without another job lined up

Research shows it’s easier to get a job offer when you’re still employed, which makes sense since gaps on a resume might make a hiring manager think twice about calling you in for an interview. Consequently, it’s in your best interest to stay at your current job until you have your next one set up.

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