A World Divided: The Continuing Rise of Political Tension

A World Divided: The Continuing Rise of Political Tension

Political unrest is spreading around the world, from the United States to Europe, Asia, and Africa. An increasing feeling of unpredictability and instability is being fueled by populist movements, polarising language, and widening differences.

Political tension and globalisation

This is the tale of how political unrest is changing the face of the planet. An increasing gap between those who gain from globalisation and those who feel left behind is at the root of this tension.

Populist groups have taken advantage of this gulf by appealing to those who feel ignored by conventional political parties by utilising nationalist and anti-immigrant rhetoric. As a result, political polarisation has increased and confidence in democratic institutions has decreased.

Concern has also been raised over the emergence of far-right movements in Europe. By appealing to anti-immigrant sentiment and Euroscepticism, parties like the Alternative for Germany and the National Front in France have grown in popularity. The vote by the United Kingdom to exit the European Union has also brought attention to the difficulties in controlling political tensions in a democratic setting.

Political tension in Africa In Africa

Kenya and south Africa are facing problems concerning the governing parties and are accused of several things which has caused a lot of demonstrations and mass destruction of property and loss of lives. Rising hostilities in Asia are being feared as a result of tensions between China and the US as well as other nations in the area.

The political unpredictability in the region has also increased as a result of North Korea’s nuclear programme and the tensions surrounding it. It is concerning that political tensions are still rising on a global scale. It imperils the continuity of the international order, the rule of law, and democratic institutions.

It will need a renewed dedication to communication, collaboration, and a sense of purpose to meet these difficulties. Finding common ground and cooperating to address these issues has never been more crucial as the globe becomes more inter-linked.

Shirley Kariuki is a journalism student at Kabianga University, shirleykariuki24@gmail.com

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