Alliance in Motion MLM compensation plan is the best in Kenya

Alliance in Motion MLM compensation plan is the best in Kenya




How to make money with Alliance in Motion MLM and how to join the company

By James Ratemo

 Before I say anything let me state one misconception in this industry.

People say that all Multi-Level-Marketing businesses are the same.

Fact is they are so different despite sharing similar strategies.

There are also so many lies. Other people say ‘it is too good to be true’, others say MLM should stand for ‘Many Lies Multiplied’ and that is the murky waters you are about to wade into.

In Kenya, some people associate MLMs with pyramid/ ponzi schemes and people hate pyramid schemes because of the past experiences where people lost their money.

In truth however MLMs are not Pyramid/Ponzi schemes.

The recruited sales force often referred to as the participant’s “downline” provides multiple levels of compensation. Other terms used for MLM include pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. Many pyramid schemes attempt to present themselves as legitimate MLM businesses. So be careful. Get to know which products are beuing sold, the origin of the products, and the company makes profit.

The nice thing about network marketing is that you have others besides you. Call or text James via 0724960649 for free training and enrolment into Alliance in Motion. It is better to work with an experienced person.

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Bottomline: Learn and understand how it works before you join.

Send email to for details and secrets on how to make it in this industry. They say experience is the best teacher.

Alliance in Motion works. It is proven. It is viable and is a practical business opportunity.  You will not be the first one.

Take note! If you want it to PAY YOU like a real business, you need to treat it like a real business which means you much be EXCITED, WILLING AND ABLE to share with all people around you, motivate them and lead by example. Learn the basics of sales and marketing.  Anything less and you will have simply wasted your time, energy and money.

Parting shot: If you make a lot of money do not forget your career or other things that bring happiness to your life. Money is not everything but your family, friends and above all God, brings true happiness in your life. Money spices it up.

In Kenya we have quite a number of Multi-Level-Network marketing companies like Alliance in Motion, Forever Living, Organo Gold, GNLD, Tianshi etc.

In this article a team of experts have done detailed research on how MLMs work and the consensus is Alliance in Motion’s compensation plan is a bit unique and exciting because the emphasis is not on ‘hawking/retailing’ products but on compensation and growing teams.

That does not mean people here do not sell products, No! They sell products in huge numbers and that is how the company is able to make so much money and compensate members generously.

This fact makes sense because majority of people, naturally, are poor sellers/ marketers.

At Alliance in Motion, the least amount required is Ksh20,000 (about US$200). You can also join with sh60,000 (about US$600) or Ksh140,000 (about US$1400).

The more the initial income the more the rate of income flow and that is simply common sense.

It therefore fits both those willing to work fulltime and those willing to work part time.

You can still do own research about other Multi-Level Network Marketing companies but this is all you need to know about Alliance in Motion and why it is unique and generating a lot of interest in Kenya and  other regions in the world.

The Potential for profit is there but you have to put in some effort.

After all a business where people earn for free is not a business. Right!

The beauty of this business is that hard work pays faster but laziness also pays albeit slowly.

Before you opt in, please understand the business but the bottom line is you will make money.  Either small or big money, it all depends on your consistency and team work.

What is not guaranteed is the speed at which you will make that money since that depends on your team work and personal drive in creating a network.

If you “get in and get busy” in a ‘smart way through team work’– you and your network could very well become the next success stories and set yourselves  on a path to true time and financial freedom. You can even sack your employers soon if not eventually.

The differentiating factor between Alliance in Motion and other MLM companies is that of freedom from selling products and the fact that those who join below you may not overpass you. This is quite logical and fair. Isn’t it?

There is a common phrase used by most network marketers: “You simply need to refer two people… who will refer two… who will refer two… and within a very short period of time we’ll all be rich thanks to the power of  multiplicity and generous matching bonuses.”

But the reality is you cannot just refer/recruit two people and quit or go to sleep! No. You must be interested and active in ensuring the two people you referred have referred two, who in turn refer two … etc if your network has to grow into a dependable income generating line. BUT IT IS DOABLE. People have already done it.

Take this advice seriously as you join Alliance in Motion or any other MLM business.

There is power in numbers

Training on how to refer or recruit partners is a MUST if not necessary

Basic training on how the compensation plan works is necessary.

You will not be left alone because in it in the interest of all other members in your team to see you succeed. The support is there so hop in and never be among the majority in the ‘wait and see’ segment.

If you are serious about building  business empire, you must be WILLING AND ABLE to personally sign up many people.

This is because:

  • 85% will do nothing
  • 12% will sign up a few people
  • 3% will help you build a business

What else?

Majority of the people who will join your business come to the table without any sales or marketing experience – and despite what you may have been told – building a profitable network marketing business in general requires effective sales and marketing skills.

Working in a group makes it easier: Learn more :All you need to know about Alliance in Motion in Kenya


Quotable quotes:

“Supporters say it’s a legitmate business, but one economist in Tehran  that it’s a “scam” and that “such hocus-pocus businesses usually rise and grow in a poor economy where people are suffering financially”.






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