Technology is the most necessary evil of our times. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that around a billion young people across the globe could be at risk of hearing loss because of the unsafe listening habits they practice through earphones.


Most of us find it hard to function without music. We often have dishes to wash or a house to clean but nothing makes the chores fun. So what better way to enjoy chores than to listen to music as you shake and wiggle around. It is all fun and games until you have a low battery and a bunch of work to do. Recently a factory worker in Thailand, Kritsada Supol’s lifeless body was found by the landlord with signs of burning around his ears.

The police believe that he was electrocuted while using the earphones and charging his smartphone at the same time. This is just one case out of many that have occurred in recent years. Earphones are capable of producing very loud levels of sound very close to the ear and hence are very dangerous. It is also very important to note that volume is not always the problem. Keeping your earphones in for long periods of time can be dangerous as well.


Earphones are exposed to germs from the many places they are placed and sharing of these earphones paves way for the transfer of these germs which induces harmful effects on the ears. Side effects of using headphones include Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). This is often temporary and can go away over time but it could be permanent. You should really consider lowering your volume and unplugging your earphones for some time to avoid this.

Dizziness is another side effect I bet you weren’t aware of. Many times the increased pressure in the ear canal due to loud noise can also result in dizziness. You could have experienced this without knowing the cause but now you know. Avoid using earphones when travelling by car, bus, train or even walking.

Listening through the earphones in an already noisy public adds to the decibel level due to the surrounding sound. If you really want to use the earphones, then it is advisable to use over-the-ear model to avoid direct sound vibrations to the eardrums as well as direct contact with the ear canal.

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