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One of the most nutritionally dense food supplements in the world market today, C247 contains the most number of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients in one product. The ingredients of C247 work in “synergy” to produce the maximum result for your body, making it the most potent anti-aging product in the history of supplementation. C247 introduces a new concept in supplements taken for daily health and energy through a wider range of distinctly balanced nutrients that provide the crucial health value from three important areas: daily essentials, botanical energizers and system defenders that include anti-oxidants. Composed of a greater number of revitalizing nutrients from more natural sources than any product, C247 supplements are the supreme Whole Food Energizers™.

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c247-cellularC247 contains daily essentials:

• Phyto-nutrients and Anti-oxidants
• Vitamins/Minerals/ Trace Minerals
• Whole Fruit Juice Blend
• Whole Vegetable Juice Blend
• Amino Acids
• Super Green foods/Spirulina blend
• Mushrooms
• Digestive Enzymes
• Herbs & Specialty Nutrients
• Essential Fatty Acids
• Anti-Aging/Anti-Oxidant Enhancer
• Longevity Polyphenols/Mega-Resveratrol Blends

Major Functions of C247  in our body:

• Detoxifies the body
• Protects the heart and prevents complications
• Helps control high-blood pressure
• Enhances, nourishes, strengthens, and balances the immune system
• Protects your DNA and RNA
• Inhibits tumor growth
• Helps normalize blood sugar level
• Promotes healthy blood circulation and cell regeneration
• Protects your DNA and RNA
• Increases energy and strength
• Rejuvenates the skin
• Maintains healthy gums
• Enhances sexual vitality
• Improves vision
• Makes you look and feel younger

V-CAPS – for easy digestion and absorption into the bloodstream
C247 is recognized by the following:
 • Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD)
• US Food and Drug Administration

• Kosher• Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
• Frost & Sullivan Product Quality


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