Breaking the Silence: A Story on Sexual Harassment

Breaking the Silence: A Story on Sexual Harassment

By Shirley Kariuki

Shades of Sexual harassment

Sheila had always enjoyed her position as a prominent company’s sales manager. She had worked with the organisation for about ten years and was passionate about her profession. But when she began to face sexual harassment at work, everything changed.

She initially attempted to ignore it, but as it continued to worsen, she soon had no choice but to speak up. Her tale is told here. In many organisations, sexual harassment is a problem that affects everyone, regardless of their gender, age, or position.

It might appear in a variety of ways, such as obnoxious remarks, jokes, or gestures as well as physical contact, sexual approaches, or even outright assault like rape or attempted rape.

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Sheila’s employer made inappropriate remarks about her beauty and personal life, which is when the harassment began. Thinking it was just innocent flirtation, she attempted to dismiss it, but it persisted. Inappropriate texts and groping her during meetings first started coming from him.

Since he held a position of authority that would influence her employment and career prospects, she felt imprisoned and helpless.

Every company must handle the major problem of sexual harassment. Not only does it cause me personal aggravation or pain, but it also violates my dignity and my entitlement to human rights.

Speaking out about harassment

To prevent and handle harassment and foster an inclusive and respectful workplace culture, businesses must have clear rules and processes in place. Sexual harassment victims may contribute to good change and safeguard themselves and others by speaking out and ending their silence.

It is is also prudent to protect victims of sexual harassment by establishing friendly police desks where reporting can be done without humiliating the victims further.

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Shirley Kariuki is a journalism student at  Kabianga University,

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