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Charles Nyakundi: What every parent must hear regarding covid-19 school holiday

Charles Nyakundi: What every parent must hear regarding covid-19 school holiday

Elder Charles Nyakundi’s Open Letter to parents in the wake of extended Covid-19 School holiday

Dear parent,
It is now official that you are going to be with your kids at home for the whole year, no school in 2020. I know this is quite disheartening especially for the would be candidates but it is what it is! What does this mean? Some of the children’s esteem will be affected.

Parenting 101 lesson following extended COVID-19 School holiday

They need a shoulder to cry on right now. The thought of having to repeat a class you were about to complete can be disturbing. Amass an arsenal of affirmation and encouragement for them. Let them know that their dreams and aspirations are still intact.

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Secondly, for those of you who are blessed with both boys and girls, living in whether a small or big house, let your girls know that their brother(s) is/ are men before they are brothers.

Covid-19 school holiday: Sex in the family

Look at them straight in the eye and drive sense into them in as far as sex is concerned.Don’t tell them ukicheza na mvulana utapata mimba! Mwambie ukifanya mapenzi na mwanaume yeyote ni dhambi, hata na kakako utapata mimba au magonjwa! Brothers, cousins and fathers also do have sexual feelings. Don’t be too ignorant and don’t assume your kids are too saved and innocent. Open your physical,emotional, psychological, social and spiritual eyes! The enemy could be right in your house.

Covid-19 school holiday: An idle mind is a devil’s workshop

Keep them occupied. Let them clean every corner of the house,including the roof. Its an opportunity for them to learn life skills. Let them be the plumbers, bulb fixers, sofa cleaners, cob web removers etc. Those in the villages, enroll them at Kajembe Institute immediately. Put them to work. They have got all the time. Whatever it is they can do to keep them busy, let them do it. An idle mind has always been the devil’s workshop!

Restrict them from tanga tanga from one neighbour’s house to another. Raising Children stopped being a societal responsibility long time ago. No one gives a damn what befalls your child. Some can’t wait to see your girl pregnant so that they can record videos and post them on social media and use her as a case study on poor parenting. Speak to these youths. Their blood is hot and sometimes they can try to be omnipresent. Let them understand that not everyone likes it when neighbours children hovers around… boys are equally in danger if sexual abuse, drug abuse and gampling.. Wakae kwao!, it’s safer at home, Hata kama sio 100%.

May Jesus guide us to bring our little ones up in the path of righteousness

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