Donkey penis inspired KICC design- Architect David Mutiso

Donkey penis inspired KICC design- Architect David Mutiso

Architect: KICC design inspired by donkey penis

Donkey penis inspired KICC design- Architect David Mutiso reveals

Did you know that Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) design was inspired by the shape of a donkey’s erect penis. Hilarious but true.

Kenya’s first African chief architect David Mutiso told Citizen TV recently that he was inspired by a donkey’s erect penis in designing KICC in 1968. The building was opened in 1973.

Mr Mutiso said he was contacted by then Kanu Secretary General Tom Mboya to design the headquarter of the then ruling party.

In an interview with Citizen TV, Mr Mutiso detailed President Jomo Kenyatta kept revising the initial sketches in order to have more floors.

Eventually, the architects ended up with the iconic design of the building that was for the longest time the country’s tallest building.

“They wanted to build a headquarter for Kanu. We started sketching, initially it was a simple four-storey building, it evolved with time. Every time we showed the President, he asked us to go higher and eventually we ended up with 17 floors,” he said.

Mr Mutiso explained how he worked closely with Norwegian architect Karl Henrik Nøstvik who was a consultant architect contracted for the project.
“The initial tower was inspired by a donkey’s penis,” Mutiso explained as his eyes lit up.

The construction was done in three phases. First they started with the podium, then the tower and later the plenary at a total cost of Sh80 million.

Hilarious reactions after architect reveals he was inspired by the shape of a donkey’s penis to come up with the design of KICC

Now a Man asks Uhuru to demolish KICC over erect donkey penis allegation

Read the excerpt below:

Letter to the President: Demolish KICC

I will go straight to the point, Your Excellency. Please order the immediate demolition of KICC to protect the country’s moral fabric and for the sake of the Big Four agenda.

Call up the Chinese, Sir. Sign a new loan with them. Yes, we have too many loans already, but just call the Chinese. We must immediately put up a new building on the KICC site, inspired, I suggest, by the cross of Jesus Christ. We are a Christian nation.

We can’t have KICC. No, we just can’t. We risk God’s wrath. It is like poking our fingers into the eyes of the Almighty.

If you won’t act, Sir, a mighty thunder will strike down that cursed building into a heap of rubble.

I write to you, Mr President, for two reasons. First, the enormity and urgency of the matter at hand compels me to speak bluntly. And second, my constitutional mandate as the Supreme Moral Authority in the land demands that I act decisively when public morality is at stake. The Constitution is very clear.

It has come to my attention, Mr President, that KICC’s design was inspired by the shape of a donkey’s erect penis. Oh yes, you read that right, Your Excellency. Why a donkey’s penis, of all animals, I don’t know. No one knows.

Kenya’s first African chief architect David Mutiso told Citizen TV last week that he was inspired by a donkey’s erect penis in designing KICC in 1968. The building was opened in 1973.

Your Excellency, how can a donkey’s erect penis inspire anyone? Pure madness!

How can Citizen TV air such crap?

Why a donkey’s mating organ might inspire an architect should be the subject of a multi-agency investigation. I most humbly recommend an investigation, Sir. Kenyans won’t mind an oxygen tax to get money for a probe to unravel this mystery.

The very soul of this nation is at stake, Mr President. Let it never be said that it was during your tenure that Kenya died. That would be a horrible legacy.

Why is this information being released to the public a whole 45 years after KICC was opened? (That Donkey penis inspired KICC design)

Mr President, KICC is Nairobi’s most iconic building. It is our country’s most recognizable skyscraper around the world. It is synonymous with the Green City in the Sun. But it is also emblematic of Kenya.

Now, that image has been shattered – forever, Mr President. It is no use having the building. Bring it down.

Donkey penis inspired KICC design- the effect going forward

Your Excellency, Nairobi is up there with Paris, London, New York and Singapore as a tourist, conferencing and investment destination. What are people around the world thinking about us, when it turns out we design some of our best buildings inspired by sexual organs?

People are not going to look at KICC the same way they have in the past, Mr President. Every time anyone passes by the building or looks at it or sees its picture, their minds will straightway go to the donkey’s organ.

The implications of this for national development, especially the Big Four agenda, are too dreadful to contemplate, Sir. We are talking here about hundreds of millions of people in Kenya and around the world thinking about a donkey’s erect penis whenever they see KICC.

They won’t anymore think of Nairobi as an investment destination. They will no longer know Nairobi as the only capital city in the world with a national park. They won’t be thinking about holding conferences at KICC. They will be thinking about the fat, black thing of a donkey penetrating the city sky.

If KICC will be allowed to stand, what is the next important building in town going to look like?

Mr President, you often address important national and international events hosted at KICC. Can you imagine what would be on the minds of the delegates seated before you next time you are in that building?

Your Excellency, I am sure you have watched donkeys mating. It is a very violent scene. The donkey’s penis is a most ugly organ. It is an instrument of violence. We don’t want to be associated with it. We are a peace-loving people.

My office has ordered investigations into the circumstances surrounding the interview by Citizen TV. Kenyans would like to know, among many other disturbing questions, why Citizen TV decided to do the interview at this time and why Mutiso chose to reveal such ugly details to the whole wide world.

Your Excellence, the tourism industry is recovering after the prolonged election period last year and the attendant political turbulence. I suspect someone is out to frustrate the recovery and ruin your glorious legacy.

The media needs to be patriotic. Some things you don’t broadcast, for national interest. We have a country to build. Dreams to fulfil.

Just demolish KICC, I beseech you on my knees, Your Excellency. (Yes we cannot have KICC design to be inspired by Donkey penis)

I remain

Your Most Humble Servant

Hezekiah Mutura, ATM, KCPE, GDP, TQN, CDF, DRC

Chief Moral Cop of the Republic of Kenya

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