Fashion is different from Style

By Emmar Aymar

Fashion versus style:

FASHION is what is hot right now…what makes one look hot and most people tend to confuse it with style. STYLE is what represents you…that is what people will see first; they will notice your clothes, shoes, accessories or what you are wearing that time.

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Fashion is popular aesthetic expressions in certain time and context especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle accessories, makeup and hairstyle.

For centuries individuals or societies have used clothes and other body adornment as form of non- verbal communication to indicate rank, gender, sexual availability, locality, class, wealth and group affiliation taking into account their characteristics, attitudes and so on.

What is fashion to me?

Fashion to most people is:




Strength of character





Openness and diversity


The power

Body image…

 These are what most people think about when asked about fashion but to me it`s a bit difficult to put into words but what I  can say, fashion is self- expression of how I feel or a statement I want to make. Fashion  can entail so many different aspects of everyday life. Fashion manifests itself in more than clothing. Through fashion one can express feelings.

Fashion has the power to make us feel something; it can be an outlet for self- expression and empowerment. Fashion is introducing yourself without saying a word, it gives us an avenue to explore and learn ourselves. It`s also meant to change one`s perspective or outlook on life. The joy and confidence one feel or gets when they have dressed the part.


Style is being yourself in a world full of trends and not following what the latest looks are right now.

My Aymar is a student at Technical University of Kenya


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