Covid -19 reality: They say time heals all wounds but does it really? About 13 months ago no one purchased a box of masks. Everyone could get out of the house and return at any time and people held meetings and conferences with seats close to each other.

We hugged our loved ones and held hands but we can’t do that anymore. Covid-19 has been with us for over a year now and nothing has been the same ever since it started.

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Leaving the house without a mask is a crime now and is punishable before a court of law. Gatherings are no longer the same because gossiping is now done through phones. That doesn’t even make the gossip interesting anymore! How will it be like now that things have changed and are likely to stay this way even after the pandemic?

My guess is that sanitizers in the purses and pockets will forever be a thing! No one is risking it this time especially with the recent hit by the third wave. Even the least of activities done these days is accompanied by a squirt of sanitizer on our hands. From boarding a matatu to picking groceries from the store. Another thing that is bound to happen is the cancellation of public gatherings.

Covid and universities

Some of the universities have embraced the e-learning method and are probably not going to go back. Meetings will be held via zoom. This has so far proved efficient and has saved a lot of time and energy. Traveling in and out of the country will be minimal. By traveling, you could be spreading the virus faster than you can imagine.

In the future, one will most likely travel only when it is necessary to. Don’t wait till you are in a hospital bed to realize that that one trip you made was not as important as your life. Trips to the salons, gyms, and barbershops won’t be as frequent as they used to be.

The brighter side of Covid

Quarantine has made people gain skills that they never had while others discovered their hidden talents. People are now able to go for months without shaving or doing their hair.

Covid-19 pandemic and fitness

Home workouts have helped so many people and some are using online platforms to earn money. If you have a food business in mind then you should start reconsidering because homemade foods will most likely be picked over takeouts.

Do you know the process where you have to sanitize all the grocery packs and the delivery guy at the door? Yeah, no one wants that anymore. Choose safety over comfort.

Brenda Mbuthia, 20, is a student at KCA University

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