Interact with Fountains of Christ (FOC) Ministers this Sabbath

Interact with Fountains of Christ (FOC) Ministers this Sabbath

Fountains of Christ Ministers

Fountains of Christ Ministers

“….baptizing them in the name of the father, the son and of the Holy Spirit”…is all what their duty entails in their tireless efforts to bring in the sheaves as commanded by the Master.

Meet retired Pastor Francis Njau,74 on fire for Christ

The evangelistic group has heeded to the call and makes disciples through the annual missions in different parts of the country towards the end of the year.

Fountains of Christ began with only six members, many of whom were alumni of Alliance high school and today it ‘boasts’ of bringing a pool of young individuals with hunger and thirst of winning souls.

FOC started as a High School chaplaincy and members who joined were invited for a long life membership especially when it realized that some dropped and could no longer keep the faith after Secondary education.

The 8 officials are nominated using the normal Adventism nomination process and they include 3 ex official members, a matron and a patron.

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The platform gives a room for high schools, campus students and the working class to serve together to finish the work of the gospel through in reach and outreach programs.

Outreach focuses on annual missions, prison ministry, children’s home and high school chaplaincy while in reach is meant to equip ministry and build Christianity through in reach sessions, mission training, and bible studies which takes place in individual missionaries’ campuses.

Mission works involve door to door activities, personal bible study, distribution of literature materials, free medical camp and open air meetings. Four of the founders are professional doctors and freely run the medical camp with the students who volunteer to help.

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Ngete Mission in Rong’o, Migori County marked their first evangelistic journey in the year 2012 in four days’ time, the missionaries were able to distribute 4oo books, 50 magazines and led 10 into baptismal class.

This learning ground bore a more fruitful 2013 Kapenguria-West Pokot mission that saw the distribution of 600 books, 200 magazines within one week. The 60 missionaries present with the theme being “rooted in Christ”-Colossians 2:7. 15 souls joined the faith and a number to join baptismal classes.

This culminated into another journey to Machakos on 2014 which was faced with major challenges but did not hinder the gospel as a total of 1,500 literature materials were handed in to residents among whom 4 gave out their lives to Christ and two committed for baptismal classes. The theme was “redeemed how I love to proclaim

Similar turn out on the number of souls that surrendered their lives to Christ was witnessed at Kelinget on 2015.the mission had 90 missionaries in attendance and was marked the first longest since the journey began as it lasted for two weeks. “won 15 souls and helped a number to join baptismal classes. Verses 21 of chapter 4 Romans led all the way-fully persuaded that he is able.

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More souls were reaped on 2016 Kaewa mission in Machakos following a follow up programme done by the church which had only 3 believers. Guided by the book of Luke 14:17-come for all things are now ready, the two week evangelistic campaign saw an establishment of a Sabbath school that began with 45 baptized members who are keeping the faith to date.

The recent two week Kapletundo-Bomet evangelistic campaign had the largest number of missionaries ever since the work begun. With over 180 in attendance, the two weeks mission saw a number of souls baptized a while many committed to keep the faith.

The smiles on the missionary faces will always hide the challenges they face including weather, electricity and rejection with the financial issue being the major problem.

They have however put effort to raise capital through t-shirt and magazine printing projects which give them cash to run the group in departments like communication and to cater for meals especially during in reach programmes.

Fountains of Christ

Fountains of Christ

With the major fundraiser held once yearly apart from the normal membership contributions, the group has been able to own a public address system, a printer, lighting and video recording systems from 2015 to date.

Campuses taking lead in the group include JKUAT, KU, UON, TUK, TUM and Moi University while the official High schools include Alliance High School, Alliance Boys, Pangani Girls, Moi Forces Academy, and Limuru girls, Segero, Upper Hill, Mang’u and Nairobi School.

Sharing with one of Kenya Current reporters, 2017 chairperson Anthea Chepkogei praises the ministry saying it has greatly grown in terms of organization and resources. Looking back where the ministry began, she adds that it has made remarkable changes and is improving with time as they can now fund the missions. She is certain that they will have more strong and mature members who will be able to mentor juniors as they have grown spiritually in the ministry.

Her experience as the chair of Adventist movement in Alliance girls 2014 gave exposure to lead the group in the year 2017 and she confesses that it has been a blessing in her spiritual life. “You learn to depend on God and live a prayerful life as a leader, discovering and learning new things daily

Anthea calls all young people to devote themselves in service as there will always be a joy in that apart from shunning bad morals, developing spiritual life, character and relationships by sharing common interests. She adds that God requires the young to work as He has always promised to lead all the way. She urges all parents to support their children to attend ministries.

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