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Interview Questions: Where did you hear about this position?

Interview Questions: Where did you hear about this position?


Did you specifically search for our company or did you stumble on the advert? Are our advertising methods working? Are we searching in the right pool?

Other Versions of the question:

Where did you get information on this job?

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 Important to Note:

  • This may seem like an overly unnecessary question, it is a very common question and there is a strategic reason behind it by the interviewer.
  • The interviewer may want to know whether you were seeking the job actively or passively and whether you actually targeted their company.
  • They also want to know which of their job advertising method works best.
  • They might even have a rewarding scheme in their work place that rewards existing staff who recommend excellent candidates to fill certain positions.
  • Be specific and brief in your answer about the source, but do not dwell on unnecessary details unless asked to elaborate.
  • Use this as a marketing opportunity and talk about the particular details of this job that drew you to the advert.
  • At the same time, in a succinct way, define why you feel qualified for the position advertised and why you would be excited to join the team.

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Pitfalls to Avoid when answering this question

  • Dropping names may backfire in your face, especially if the person you mention is currently in a strained relationship with the company
  • Always confirm with a current employee whether or not to mention their name.
  • If you somehow cannot remember the name of the site you got the advert from, do not make up a name. Just state that you currently cannot remember.
  • If you are aware of a strained relationship between the person who referred you and the company, do not refer to them.

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Sample Response: I heard about this accounting position through a current member of staff here, Mr. John. We used to work in the same department at company XYZ where I was an intern then. After looking through your ideal candidate profile and doing a bit of research on your company, I am convinced that I am cut out for this role and I feel excited at the possibility of joining your team

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