Interview Questions: Why should we hire you?

Interview Questions: Why should we hire you?


We have hundreds of applications for this position. Why should it be you that we choose?

Other versions of the question:

  1. What is it about you that makes you stand out?
  2. Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job?
  3. What are you bringing in this role?

Important to Note:

Always remember that the interview is not about you, but the company getting the best talent the market has to offer. The best approach is aligning existing skills and experience to the company’s needs and current pain.

  • The interviewer wants you to convince them that you are worth the recruiting trouble. They want to be sure that you can perform and that out of all the applications they have received, their best shot is seated right in front of them.
  • The interviewer needs to know that you will be an excellent addition to their already existing team.
  • They are, most of all, out to scout and recruit the best talent because it will make them look good at what they do and also make their work in the office easier.
  • Do not be too modest about your previous or current achievements. Throwing in a success story in your pitch will earn extra points for you.

Pitfalls to avoid when answering this question:

  • Coming off as over confident and even corky. This usually rubs your interviewers the wrong way. Answers like “ Because I am awesome. I will give 101% of myself to this role and turn sales around. I am definitely the best candidate you have met so far and I don’t think you will meet anyone better.”
  • Overselling yourself to look like their most desirable candidate. This includes lying about your qualifications, skills and experience. The truth will eventually be known and the consequences may be dire for you.
  • The most common mistake that candidates make in the face of such a question is panic and fail to recognize the rare opportunity to market their skills. They then result to whinny answers that sound desperate and self-deprecating. These answers are like; “ Well, uh, I have a degree, I am intelligent and I have integrity. I am eager to do anything assigned to me and I would really like to join your team.”

Sample Response:What caught my eye most on the job advert was the fact that you were looking for Content Manager with impeccable writing skills and communication skills. My CV states that I have 3 years concurrently writing for 2 different companies on part time basis. However, I believe what really makes me stand out is my passion for content, my excellent communication skills and my keen interest in social, business and political trends. I recently helped my company win a Customer Service Write up award for the first time since they started participating. I value interactions with my internal and external customers and my work ethic is based on discipline, commitment and going the extra mile in tasks assigned. These values have guaranteed success and positive results so far.

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