Education no longer ranked highly

Education has lost it’s vibrance over the decades. For a long time, education was highly ranked by many, and those who acquired it , we well respected in the society.

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In the 80s, even those who were under qualified could easily secure jobs. Today, many Kenyan graduates are doing odd jobs just to earn a living. Bieng unemployed with a Masters certificate has become a norm. Qualification is no longer a requirement as the only consideration is who you are and where you’re from. Today, job searching without learned friends and relatives is a waste of time. Today, educated journalists are competing with talented socialites and comedians.

Education is not guaranteed to success

But what if we were all prepared from the beginning? What if we were all aware that education is not a guarantee to success but a chance to acquire knowledge and skills? What if we were all taught that consistency and patience is the only way to succeed? I can’t help but think that we would have fewer overqualified Kenyans with no source of income. We wouldn’t have children doubting the value of education.  Most Kenyan students already have their dreams in mind, what they’re not aware is that it may take a very long time to achieve a quarter of it.  

All we need as Kenyans is preparation, and knowledge beyond books. We need to avoid fantasy which may be taken for dreams and begin to face the reality of the country we live in. Let’s not be carried away by the belief that we’re going to be successful just because we’re going to school. Let’s learn to utilize our God given talents and skills so as to create a better place for ourselves and others.

Let education be a bridge to your dreams.

Lucy Muinamia, Journalism Student, KCA University,

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