All you need to Know about Network Marketing

All you need to Know about Network Marketing

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How Alliance in Motion Network Multi Level Marketing Works

In MLM – Multi Level Marketing a sales man not only earns from his sales but also from his recruited sales persons.

In Binary system, you might have heard about tree system and pyramid scheme to earn money, which works on multiplications of your earning in which a person joins a company with just a simple purchase of any product and then he makes two of his friends to join under him by purchasing the product.

When his two friends join under him, he gets commission of their purchase. After that his two friends have to follow the same thing and make their other friends join under them.

In this way, the team grows very fast and earnings are also multiplied. This is called binary network marketing. The main strategy which these networking pros follow is the use of  “Word Of Mouth “, the same also happens on Facebook only that on Facebook we use ” Word of Share”

 How to make a post go viral on Facebook

Now how we can implement these strategies on Facebook and Twitter.

It is simple, like in network marketing business a person is joined by purchasing something. On Facebook, they will not have to buy anything, just sharing favor. This means you have to implement binary or 3 X 3 matrix on your Facebook Post. Let us say you have 100 friends on Facebook, you can ask your 3 close friends to share your post link on their wall and apply the same rule on their friends.

Ask your friends to talk with their 3 close friends who can share the link easily, and again follow the same rule. In this way, you can have a good share rate of your Facebook post.

Now how will you know that your friends and their friends have shared you link , Its simple , if you have a Facebook page of your business,  under your post next to comments and likes button you can see your shares number, Automatically if your Facebook post is shared among users, your post will be showing the number of shares.

Pressing a share button is not a big deal for any one. Try it.

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Binary multi-level marketing is a very popular network marketing system which was born in the 90s.

It’s namemlm-1 is based on the fact it only allows you to have two frontline or downline  associates (per centre) – and all additional members are placed further below the tree, directly below other distributors.

Due to it’s supportive, friendly nature, binary MLM makes it much more simple for an investor to make a lot in a short amount of time.

This is different from ordinary multi-level marketing, wherein often only a few specific members have a large number of contributors below them, the binary mlm plan requires that you help new members in your tree and encourage them to expand it.

This way, your tree becomes a much more supportive team, since the members higher up need the ones higher down in order to increase their profit, so everyone works to achieve the same goal.

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