I happened to visit a nightclub some few weeks ago in a company of a friend. Before I proceed, I want to state here categorically that I do not take alcoholic beverages neither am I a party animal. That makes you wonder why I visited the club then, well, that’s a story for another day. So during my visit, I noticed some uncouth, unlady-like habits that ladies have when they go out partying.

You have probably done it, know someone who has done it or you have fallen victim to it. Whatever the case, as we usher in the weekend, here’s my list of a dozen “not cool things “ to do when you go out.


1.Getting overly drunk

This is the rule of the thumb. You left this behind in campus. Have fun but make sure you won’t be carried home. It’s embarrassing for real!

2. Stealing someone’s seat

You just got to the club, and it is full. Don’t inconvenience other people who made an effort of getting there early.

3. Dressing whore-ish

Nothing more can be said about this. Differentiate between sexy and sleazy.


4. Jostling people on the floor

We know that you love that song but there are other people dancing too. Be considerate, and say sorry when you step on someone’s toe with your spiky heel.

5. Jumping the queue

When ordering from the counter, don’t push and try to be served before everyone else. They too want to get their drinks and get on with the night. Plus they got there before you.

6. Throwing up in the sink at the ladies

When your drink has gotten the best of you, rush outside or at least use the dustbin in the small room, not the sink. Respect the mama employed to clean the washroom.

7. Shouting or banging on people’s doors at 5 a.m.

Yes, you had fun, but the whole apartment doesn’t have to know.

 8. Leaving your friends behind

For Pete’s sake you came together, so leave together or have the courtesy to tell them that you want to leave. Don’t just go “Missing In Action” on them.

  9. Stealing glasses and ashtrays

I hope people don’t still do this.

10. Facebooking or Tweeting mid-drinking, dancing and talking

I shall repeat, antisocial behaviour! And while at it, go easy on drunk dialing.



11. Fighting with your boyfriend, girls or other patrons

If you are spoiling for a fight, please save your dignity and go home.

  12. Going home with a stranger

Sweetheart, this goes without saying. If you like him, take his number, meet for a couple of dates and see how it goes.

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