Life happens and so does love

Life happens and so does love

Life does not always turn out exactly as we want it or as we expect it to.

So you are this average guy; you do not even consider yourself what a woman would want in a man. To be honest you are not “hot” or “handsome” and you know it. Your biggest asset is your pocket which is loaded and you happen to stumble into this beautiful lady who is full of glitches and could really expend some money.

The fact that you know you are not hot, you approach her using you “asset”. What do I mean? You offer her a solution to her many pecuniary problems. You pay her school fees, rent for her bedsitter, and give her money to buy the latest weave in town and money to go to the salon. You even offer her money for her upkeep as long as she accedes to be yours.

Of course, in this century no broke girl will turn down that offer even if you look like a warthog. The woman lies do


wn even lower than an envelope and you will feel lucky to have found the one.

After a few months, you will request her to move in with you in your one bedroomed apartment and sure enough she will accept. She even agrees to marry you after she is through college.

Then one day she comes back home and tells you that there is someone else. You feel your whole world crumbling around you. You try to look for signs that could have indicated that she was no longer into you. You look for what you did to make her fall out of love with you.

You remember all the instances that a call came from home asking you to send money for your sick mother or your younger brother who is at home because of school fees. It pierces your heart like a double edged sword how you turned your own flesh blood only because you were paying school fees for the “future mother of your children”.

Being in denial, you laugh it off and tell her that she is just messing with your head. The look in her eyes tells you otherwise and you know that she is dead serious. That is when it hits you that she has found someone “hotter” or rather she was using you as a ladder to peer into the future.

You feel betrayed and hurt and you feel like you cannot go on. You make a quick decision that if you cannot have her, then no one else would. You murder her and then commit suicide.

I once read somewhere that life does not always turn out exactly as we want it or as we expect it to. Once in a while, it may give you a blow from which you think you cannot recover, but if you still have breath in you, always reel back and continue fighting, for yesterday is not today and today is not tomorrow. Each day rises fresh from the hands of God bringing with it what it will.

It’s not worth it: to lose your life and in the process take another soul with you just in the name of love. If he/she cannot appreciate you, just hold your head high and move on. I know it hurts but time is a master healer. Just give the time some time. Never ever shed a tear for someone who hurts you, and never long for them when they leave. Find yourself and move on.


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