Nairobi-New York direct KQ flights to create 150 jobs

Nairobi-New York direct KQ flights to create 150 jobs

Direct flights to the United States will create about 150 jobs at Kenya Airways.

Kenya Airways (KQ) has started booking passengers for the inaugural October 28 flight to the US, which will instantly cut by six hours flight time between New York and the Kenyan capital.

KQ is charging a floor price of $869 for a return ticket on the direct flight.

See :Press Release – KQ starts selling tickets for non stop daily flight to New York 110118.(1)

On Thursday, Kenya Airways CEO Sebastian Mikosz said that the launch of direct flights is also expected to generate indirect jobs through its suppliers.

Mr Mikosz expects that the direct flight to the United States will boost KQ revenues by at least 10 per cent in the 2019 financial year.

Although this is not the cheapest way to travel between Kenya at the United States, it is the only non-stop connection between East Africa and the United States and the fastest.

A random survey of tickets for similarly-priced non-direct flights from Nairobi to New York reveals that most of them take an average 20-hours in the air each way, with stop-overs in the Middle East and Europe that can stretch a journey for up to two days.

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