Nasty C They Don’t Song Review featuring T.I

Nasty C They Don’t Song Review featuring T.I

By Anthony Kibiwott

  • Artist: Nasty c featuring T.I
  • Title : They Don’T
  • Genre : Rap / hip-hop

Nasty C released the song, They Don’t, on June 6th, 2020. The artist, David Junior Ngcobo, famously known by his stage name Nasty C brings out a lot of emotion in the song which is meant to address the racial injustices and police brutality that happen around the world.

Watch the video here

Nasty C song, They Don’t, is about frustration and pain

The artist illustrates his frustration using an incident that occurred in South Africa and the United States of America. Dropping a bar “I can only imagine the pain the innocent mother goes through while seeing the sons losing their lives in the hands of police”. He comes out as a helpless black man, living in fear and chains that comes with being discriminated against due to his skin color.


The They Don’t lyrical video is quite interesting and very infectious to hear due to the fine arrangements of words that that has deeper meaning if one is able to read between the lines.


The director of the official music video used a dark theme accompanied by a compilation of events of people campaigning about “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and different battles between people and police around the world.

Both artists try to speak out and represent those without voices and oppressed. They highlight the importance of all human races joining hands and uniting to make the world a better place to live in. They pay tribute to, George Floyd and Brianna Tyler who faced police brutality.

The four-minute song is quite inspirational, encouraging, and worth listening to.  They is no way you can listen to it and not get inspired.

It is a wake-up call to authorities around the world who trample upon people’s rights with abandon.

Antony Kibiwot  is a Journalism student at KCA University,

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