New UK online shopping experience now available in Kenya

Have you ever wanted to go shopping in London or any European city but hindered by high cost of shipping?

Worry no more. A new online shopping company is now operational in Kenya with an infrastructure that allows shoppers to even ship a single item without worrying about exorbitant shipping costs.

The company, You Shop We Deliver (, which doubles as a shipping company, adopts a model where residents in Kenya and other African countries shop as if they were UK residents.

This means they do not incur delivery costs since the UshopWD company allows them to use its UK address thus qualify for free delivery within UK.

Once the package, is in the UShopWD UK office, it is consolidated with other packages and delivered to African destinations at a far much lower cost compared to when a package is shipped directly to an African destination from the seller.

How it works

To use this service one needs to click ‘register’ on top left of the page before receiving a new Membership number and UShopWD UK address.

“This Membership number gives you dedicated space in our Distribution Center in London UK. You can provide Our UK address and your unique Membership number for all of your online shopping. Once your purchases arrive at our UK Center, we will send you E-mail confirmation, the receipt of your parcel and you will be able to see in your Account,” says Bakhir Omar, a UshopWD manager in Nairobi.

Shoppers are also also advised to select UK currency and UK as their country in order to have access to the merchant’s free UK delivery.

The company also offers personal shopper service where clients can have the goods purchased on their behalf.

In the new model, one only needs to register on the UshopWd website, purchase any item from any of the merchant shops and give the  UshopWD address  as the destination. With this the purchased item will be deliverd to UK UshopWd shop before it is shipped to the purchaser together with other goods purchased by other buyers in Kenya.

This way the delivery costs charged by sellers are avoided and the buyers enjoy the benefits that come with bulk shipping since cost is shared among hundreds of buyers. In fact in some instances shipping charges are insignificant and it feels as if you bought an item next door just as UK residents.

“The moment your shipment leaves our warehouse, you are notified by e-mail and can monitor your package’s progress in your account and you will get email notification for each step. Typically you will receive your package within 7 days from when it leaves our warehouse, explains Omar.

“For any other country in Africa or worldwide, we partner with premium global couriers DHL, DPD and UPS for door to door priority in 2 -4 days.

You can set a courier preference or we will automatically select the fastest and least expensive courier option for you on each shipment, says Omar.

“UshopWD was formed to give Africa access to global online shopping and reliable shipping services. In our years of experience in moving cargo from around the world to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda we observe the difficulty in buying quality goods by people in Africa from all over the world, and when such goods are purchased the cost of shipping becomes too high for normal citizens,” says Omar.

Omar says through the platform shoppers gain access to various world renowned shopping sites and over 100 online retailers in the UK, thereby allowing one to shop like a UK resident.

Through the platforms shoppers can access a comprehensive international fashion brands where they can buy purely European quality men, women, children clothing and kitchen items at competitive prices.

By becoming member in the UshopWD platform one also accesses alerts about  best sales, promotions, clearances and vouchers thus saving money on purchases.

“By having direct contact with UK retailers we will have promotion codes and discount vouchers which we will send direct to our top buyers. We are linking UK to Africa by making platform that will make shopping without borders, adds Omar.

“Our cargo consolidation offers reasonable, reliable and fast movement of goods from Europe… for Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda we have our own door to door service and it is including the duties and Tax. For parcels or shipment over 5 KG our normal rate will apply with 25 pound handling fee,” says Omar.

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