In a rapidly changing World with advanced technologies, parenting is increasingly becoming threatened.

With the new technologies, parenting has greatly evolved. Parents are exerting influence over their children.

Modern parenting

It is given, parents work to give children the best foundation possible but  fail to recognize the new environment has become a stumbling block to mould their children into responsible and disciplined young men and women today.

Looking back, parenting now and before are like two different manual books. In the olden days our forefathers strictly raised children in line with the African Culture and uncouth traits were unheard of.

Women respected themselves and wore decently unlike today where nudity is considered the new normal.

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Getting pregnant before getting yourself a husband during the old days way was considered a taboo and sometimes it earned somebody the title of an outcast in the society but today being pregnant is no big deal to an African girl child.

Oh ,how I miss the times when morality was praised and moral decadence was shunned.

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Change is good and inevitable but only positive change has rewarding results. Parenting has taken a new turn in this century, one can tell.

Today, children are brought up using Western countries’ culture and ideas. African parents have decided to mimic the western culture in the way they bring up their children.

 It’s surprising that as a first born I got my first phone when I first joined campus, unlike my small class five brother who already owns a big phone.

Nowadays, it’s not strange to witness incidences where parents have verbal exchanges with their children something which is really disheartening and ashaming.

Technology has transformed the way parents and their children interact.

From having kids and teens tethered to their electronic devices, split attention between kids and devices, most parents no longer pay attention to what their children do, wear, watch or listen to. A wise man once told me that your diet is not what you only eat, it is also what you listen to and watch too.

Today discipline has taken a different turn.

Unlike decades ago when children were subjected to physical punishment such as caning and manual work, today parents have developed new ways of punishment including cellphone contracts, limiting screen time, setting timers and denying children access to technology as a form of discipline.

But what if the internet and social media has much more to do with how modern technology has interfered with parenting?

What if parents gluing themselves to electronic devices for long hours has robbed them of crucial interactions with their kids?

Looking at things with a clear mind, I would strongly vote for the African way of parenting because it shapes children into responsible men and women unlike the new way of parenting which is completely leading children astray.

Purity Mandu Shikuku is a Journalism and Digital Media student at KCA.

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