Uhuru calls critics washenzi, ignites storm on social media

Uhuru calls critics washenzi, ignites storm on social media

Hilarious as Uhuru calls critics washenzi and the ‘washenzi’ answer back

A very furious President Uhuru calls critics washenzi as he told off Jubilee rebels who have accused him of neglecting Central Kenya, which overwhelmingly voted for him, and developing Opposition strongholds.

Speaking in Mombasa County during the launch of the Mama Ngina Drive refurbishment project, the President also declared that he would not abandon the path of reconciliation to fulfill desires of some leaders he described as selfish.

“We want a country where every single citizen is entitled to development regardless of where the leader comes from…Kwa hivyo hawa washenzi waachane na mimi. Na hivyo ndio itakuwa (These fools should leave me alone).

The Head of State responded to his critics like Gatundu North MP Moses Kuria by saying all parts of the country should benefit from his leadership.

Kenyans are a creative lot. The following comic episode making rounds on twitter is a perfect response to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Washenzi remark.

As Uhuru calls critics washenzi remember his new found friend Raila Odinga also said it is Upuzi in apparent response to the same critics.

On New Year’s Eve, Kuria lamented how Kiambu County had been ‘neglected’ in matters development but took a softer stance on Monday by saying: “H.E the President is 100% right. He is spot on. We need development in every corner of this country.

He added: “It is in that spirit and in line with the President’s position that I believe Mt Kenya region also deserves development just like any other region. Right now it’s not happening.”

Moses Kuria response to Uhuru's Washenzi remark

Moses Kuria response to Uhuru’s Washenzi remark

Moses Kuria clarifies his controversial remark as Uhuru calls critics washenzi

The drama unfolds on twitter as Uhuru calls critics washenzi:

This is how the media captured it as Uhuru calls critics washenzi:

VIDEO: Kenyans make fun of Uhuru’s ‘washenzi’ remark– Standard

Uhuru tells ‘washenzi’ to leave him alone- The Star

Kuria responds after Uhuru’s ‘washenzi’ remarks

Can Uhuru repeat the same ‘washenzi’ sentiments somewhere in Murang’a or Nyeri?

Hao washenzi waachane na mimi , Uhuru silences his nay Sayers


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