RBA video contest: The Retirement Benefits Authority is running a video contest.

See the guidelines below: Eligibility age group: 18-35

 The criterion for the video is as follows:

  1. Subject: The video should be simple and direct to the point with compelling message on why it’s important for people to save for their retirement.
  2. Length: Between 10 and 15 seconds maximum. 
  3. Language: English or Swahili
  4. Background: No branded items or prohibited locations
  5. Voice of speaker should be clear and audible
  6. Be visually clear

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How to submit your entry

RBA video contest submission: The videos should be hashtagged #Save4Retirement and tagged @RBAKenya on Facebook, Instagram or twitter. Contestants are allowed to cross post the same video across the three channels.

Winners shall be requested to provide identification cards before picking their cash and gift vouchers.

RBA Video contest: The awards

Reward: The best video will win Kshs 50,000, first runner’s-up Kshs 30,000 and the second runner’s-up Kshs 15,000. We shall also have the people choice category where the video with the most likes shall win Ksh10,000.

The winners shall also receive a gift hamper. The judging will be based on the above criterion. The winning videos will be re-posted onto the RBA social media.

Duration: The contest will run for thirty days beginning Friday, 18th June 2021 up to 18th July 2021 at midnight.

Hint: Kindly note RBA is a regulator not a pension scheme. So people cannot save wit RBA but with a pension scheme registered by RBA. As you make your video, urge viewers to join any of the registered individual pension plans found on RBA website: www.rba.go.ke .

Read through the RBA website to learn more on the importance of saving for retirement. It will give you an idea on kind of content to include in your video. Above all, as you urge people to save for retirement, take the step too and start saving for your retirement. The secret is to start early.

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