Reasons why you should appreciate your spiritual leader

Reasons why you should appreciate your spiritual leader

According to the annual Adventist calendar of events, October is always a  Pastors’ appreciation month—a season in which we are reminded to be grateful for the spiritual leaders that God has set over our lives. These among others are some of the reasons we should appreciate our pastors.

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Retired Pastor Francis Njau

Retired Pastor Francis Njau

1.Pastors genuinely care about the people they shepherd.

Many people are caring toward others, but pastors seem to consistently have an overwhelming concern and care for other people. We appreciate pastors who seemingly cannot stop considering others, expressing interest and offering help.

 2. Pastors hold fast to God’s Word, the Bible, and teach it to others.

Telling it like it is requires a firm grasp on God’s Word and courage to refute false teachings and heretics. We appreciate pastors who stand on the Bible even when it is the most unpopular thing to do, and who teach its truths and applications throughout life’s settings!

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3. Pastors fulfill a noble position in the church requiring high character.

Read the list of character traits in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 required for a person to be a pastor and you will quickly understand our cause for our admiration. We appreciate pastors who possess a good reputation because of who they are more than because of what they accomplish.


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 4. Pastors are family-focused.

Ministry for a pastor begins at home! In fact, being faithful to their spouse, managing their home well, and training their children in the Lord is a prerequisite for becoming a pastor. We appreciate pastors who prioritize ministry to their family.

5. Pastors love God.

Ministry is the outworking of a relationship devoted to the God they know and trust and it is evident.  We appreciate pastors who view ministry as more than a career; they view it is a calling!

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