By Okumu Brian

Fuego is a Kenyan-produced album performed by one of Kenya’s top Rapper and Singer Octopizzo, who has featured top foreign artists like Freeman {One more time} and Milo Madness {Bang’} in some of his work.

Fuego album was dropped on the 19th of November 2021 and it was received well by Octopizzo’s fans all over. It marks the 6th album from Octopizzo which makes him level with other top artists like King Kaka and Sauti Sol.


Fuego album comes with many genres

The Fuego album is composed of 15 songs of almost different genres like Trap, RNB, and Genge using different amazing and new era styles and flows.

Listen to Fuego here

Most of the songs also have different messages and concepts to the target audience making  Octopizzo’s albums and songs, in general, stand out over the rest.

Like for example, there are trap songs like “Wewe”, “Rudi”, “T.O.R”, “Bang” among others in which he mostly dismisses other rappers who claim that they’re better than him. Octopizzo sends them a message that he is many steps ahead of them since he is overseas and therefore out of their league, and that his music is of this new era while theirs is of old age and therefore they should not compare with him in any case.

In his recently dropped “Fuego” album octopizzo also goes further to encourage the rising and developing music and young generation in general never to quit in life even if everything is going left.

He accomplishes this by at some point in his songs like “Kenyan boy”, “Motivation”, “Go hard” etc narrating the story of his rise. The stories include being born and raised in the ghetto streets of Kibera where good food, water, beddings, and even education were a nightmare.

He talks of being left an orphan at the age of 15, with a baby sister and grandmother… with him being the firstborn and therefore somehow a provider, being despised by those who only saw failure in him, but besides all that he’s now at the top with his name branded everywhere.

Octopizzo also looks to fight for the oppressed in Kenya and besides that he also pinpoints and rebukes the large-scale corruption in Kenya, saying that politicians are just feeding their mouths filling their bellies only while their citizens are suffering like for example in slums like Kwangware, Githurai, Korogochio among others.

In his song “Kenya Hakuna Matata” he states that the government pretends that everything is okay when it knows very well that People in Turkana are dying from hunger due to lack of water and food, Citizens, in general, are pressed due to increased prices of basic commodities like maize flour and sugar. He also laments that the police take bribes in traffic while the bus fares are high due to increased fuel prices thus manipulating citizens.

He says that no one should say that “Kenya Hakuna Matata” where there are three classes of people, the “First class”, “the middle class” and then the suffering normal Mwananchi.

The Fuego album has a lot of teachings to Kenyan people, the Government, and even those from neighboring countries with the same issues as Kenya. Like as for the fans it tends to teach them that they should never let where they are from or what they’re going through define who they should be in the future. That they should always wake up and try again until they achieve what they’re looking for in life.

Okumu Brian is  a 3rd-year student at KCA University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, Journalism and Digital Media

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