Role of Media in Education

Role of Media in Education

By Mungai Caleb

Our country has been facing turmoil in our secondary schools. In the past years and these recent years, students have been battling a lot. How many students have we lost?

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Being the eyes of the nation, I feel that the media has not exploited its resources to highlight and inform the general public on the safety of our students.

I really appreciate the way we have celebrated and informed the public about our champions when they perform in their curricular and co-curricular activities.

Media can tame the madness

Recently, we watched, listened, and read about students striking and causing havoc in their respective institutions. Some images and videos that were circulating around on media platforms were too disturbing. Parents deliver their children into the capable hands of our institutions hoping they emerge as the cream of the society.

It disheartens when a parent comes home and watches a school dormitory burn to ashes. Books, beddings and other valuable items are lost without even mentioning the most important part, the dear lives of our students, putting into consideration that a lot of money has been injected into the infrastructural development of an affected school.

It is parents that will be forced to go an extra mile to scrab the last penny from their pockets to cater for the inconvenience.

The Cabinet Secretary, Professor George Magoha EGH, gave an abrupt mid-term for the students to rest than to proceed with their term.

It was the right move for this circus to cool down. It was a good move taken by the ministry but it may not solve the issue in the long term.  According to the ministry, in the occurrence of such chaos, students cannot transfer to other institutions until they have been cleared. This means that those who actively participated and those that did not, have to be accountable.

Parents got role to play

The ministry, the schools, and the parents should sit and have a lengthy conversation on how to curb this pandemic. A lot of pressure is being exerted on all these parties in the occurrence of such happenings.

I also feel that mental health is the key to the development of a person. Students should be enlightened on the importance of opening up to their peers, teachers, parents, and society.

Our future depends on these younglings. If our institutions can raise qualified students in all fields then the development is guaranteed. However, if we raise a cohort of arsonists and unruly youth then our future is at stake.

Mungai Caleb is a journalism student at KCA University, 

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