Sh1.2b Sigiri bridge collapses, dents Jubilee image, Nasa steals show

Sh1.2b Sigiri bridge collapses, dents Jubilee image, Nasa steals show

The Sh1.2 billion Sigiri Bridge in Budalangi Constituency that President Uhuru Kenyatta inspected barely three weeks ago has collapsed.

Nasa presidential flag bearer has riduculed Jubilee for poor work and misuse of public funds saying the collapsing of the bridge is proof that bribery in the project led to poor workmanship.

It was expected for Nasa to say so. After all this is the political high season and propaganda on the matter is likely.

Sagiri 2

Sagiri 3


Budalangi bridge


I also think it is unfortunate that the bridge collapsed yet there was no earthquake in the region. It therefore means poor work was done and the Chinese have blundered this time round.

President Uhuru inspected the construction works while on his tour pitching for his reelection in Western Kenya.

NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga led the opposition to Busia County on Sunday where they campaigned in Budalangi labeling his ODM party’s former Secretary General Ababu Namwamba a ‘Fly that died in a glass of milk’.

The Sigiri bridge is among projects that the Budalangi MP used to woo voters to support president Uhuru’s reelection in August.

Raila in his address said he did not regret the Labour Party leader’s exit from ODM party accusing him of turning his back on him after having helped him rise to fame from the moment he made him a minister.

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