Six ways of preventing and treating acne

Six ways of preventing and treating acne

Six ways of preventing and treating acne

By Josephine Gikaru

Acne is a skin condition where oil glands of the skin become clogged forming spots, pimples and sometimes cyst. Acne is most common among teenagers though it affects people of all ages. This however has both prevention and cure

  • Keep your Face Clean

Keeping your face clean is essential with or without acne. One ought to clean their face twice daily while doing it more is not as necessary since one might end up over doing it thus removing the essential oils. Avoid scrubbing your face harshly with a wash cloth or exfoliating gloves. Use a soft cloth or your hands. Use warm water and not hot with a mild facial cleanser.

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  • Keep face Moisturized

Most of the products meant to deal with acne leave the face feeling dry. Using a moisturizer helps reduces the itchy and uncomfortable feeling that comes with the products. They are moisturizes for all skin types oily, dry and combination.

  • Avoid using Make up

It is advisable to use the products sparingly. Avoid using foundation, powder or blush and if you do ensure that you remove the make up with the required makeup removal products. It’s hard because makeup is used to conceal breakouts but it actually causes more damage. When you have an active breakout your skin is likely to develop insensitivity.

  • Keep your Hands Off your Face

Avoid touching your face as this helps spread bacteria and may also cause inflammation to the already irritated areas on your face. Do not pick or pop your pimples as this may cause infection and scaring.

  • Exercise

Exercising is a good way to keep fit and attain an acne free face.  During exercise avoid clothes that rub your face and shower immediately after exercise. By helping the blood flow exercising helps nourish the skin cells and keep them vital. Stress has been linked to a certain type of acne. It is important for one to keep their mental health in check and seek solutions to ensure that balance is regained.

  • Ensure you use a sun screen

Protecting your face from the harmful UV rays from the sun is a very good way to protect your face. This will help you especially with some of the acne products that have a burning effect. Wear sunscreen on every occasion you will be spending time outside. This is even on cloudy days, 80% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate cloud coverage.





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