Mwaniki: The Mics are Open Podcast Review

Mwaniki: The Mics are Open Podcast Review

All you need to know about The Mics Are Open Podcast

By Ray Mwaniki

Produced under the umbrella of the Good Company, the Mics are open remains the top podcast in the country. Hosted by the legendary Radio Host and DJ, G Money, Big C and Andy Young the podcast is an example of typical camaraderie.

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It offers a reflection of “bros” who have known each other for the longest time and usually links up to catch up on what’s trending, day to day activities and experiences of the gang and controversial matters.

The Podcast episodes

Listen to the podcast episodes here:

 Tuning in to any of their episode will leave you feeling like you are part of the conversation or you were there during the actual recording. The popular show now has a total of 116 episodes, available in both audio and visual streaming sites.

It kicks off with reflection of how the week was for the members. This is followed by conversations that revolve around topics such as life and relationships topics that every young person can relate with.  The opinions here are unfiltered and uncensored.

This offers a chance for the fans who have followed the gang from way back when they used to host GMITM on Homeboyz Radio. Today they bring the same vibes, now on a better platform where they’re freer and they can extend the talk. Humor dominates the show as the gang banters each other over different issues for instance their past life experiences. Opinions are unfiltered and this gives everybody an opportunity to express themselves. Jewels of advice also follow as they advise their listeners on different life matters.


       Podcasting culture is a growing trend especially among the young people. Other popular podcasts include; Underdawgs podcast, Thought’s serenade and Vibes and Inshallah podcasts.

About The Mics Are Open podcast:

This is how the authors describe the podcast: A slightly skewed look at life through the lens of three radio presenters in Nairobi, Kenya. Every week G Money, Calvin and Andy Young chop it up on topics that they probably have no expertise in, but some how it works! The Mics Are Open is a random journey that meanders through three very different lives. These guys are so good, you might even think that they are friends in real life! Support this podcast.

Ray Mwaniki is a Digital Media student at KCA University        

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