The Rise of Tiktok Generation

The Rise of Tiktok Generation

By Simon Mwangi

With the discovery of Tiktok in 20th century, transformation to digital media had been hastened. The Tiktok generation is growing.

The Chinese owned social media platform is popular for letting users endlessly swipe through videos tailored to them via a highly effective algorithm.

The platform is believed to have over 1 billion users with a an upward growth trajectory.

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While it gained a reputation for viral dances and entertaining trends to keep people occupied during COVID-19 lockdowns, the app has increasingly been accused of negatively impact people’s mental health.

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Many people today especially the youths have joined Tiktok with an aim of entertaining themselves. However tiktok also has served many people as their source of livelihood since people with huge following gets paid from their content.

Tiktok generation is expanding

Statistics from tech experts around the world indicate that he amount of time adult TikTok users spend on the app is rising quickly with YouTube and Netflix reportedly losing ground to TikTok.

The amount of time US adult TikTok users spend on the app is rising quickly. It’s well ahead of YouTube user time and closing the gap with Netflix It’s well ahead of YouTube user time and closing the gap with Netflix. Our first-ever forecast for time spent on social platforms by age reveals what—and who—is driving the growth.


A US ban on TikTok could damage the idea of the global internet

The simplicity in accessing tiktok has made it attractive to many people allover the world. Many people today find it interesting to get information from tiktok rather than visiting other sites. Celebrities are also taking to the platform to attract following and probably do business.

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The Tiktok platform is slowly overtaking the other forms of digital media due its its popularity. Although majority of its users belong to the young generation, it is increasingly attracting older people.

Simon Mwangi is a student at University of Kabianga

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