Things no one will tell you about giving birth

Things no one will tell you about giving birth


Seven things you didn’t know about giving birth

At least every woman looks forward to having a baby of their own. The process is always painful as much as it is rewarding. Here are some of the things you didn’t know about giving birth.

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  1. Your water doesn’t break in a ceremonious splatter at your feet.

Unlike in every movie ever, when a real woman’s water breaks, it usually doesn’t look like a water balloon shattering on concrete. More likely, it’s going to be a slower, more gradual flow akin to uncontrollably peeing yourself. Ironically, your water can gush like in the movies, but they don’t stop. Your body will continue to produce amnion fluid and it will continue to leak until the baby is born.

  1. If your water doesn’t break on its own, a doctor breaks it for you.

 With a super-long hook-like thing. Supposedly it doesn’t hurt per se, but just feels “uncomfortable.”

giving birth

giving birth

  1. Just because your water breaks doesn’t mean you have to race to the hospital.

 Your water may break but it could still be hours (or even a full day) before contractions start and your cervix begins dilating to make way for the baby. Your labour can last days upon days. Or, you can sometimes only just make it to the hospital on time. Labour can be peaceful, or it can be chaos.

  1. Contractions may be the worst part.

 You’d think pushing a baby out would be the absolute worst, but for many people, contractions are the most painful part.

  1. You have to deliver the placenta.

After the main event of getting the baby out you have to deliver the placenta. Someone may casually say “one more push”.

  1. You essentially have your period for a good six weeks after birth.

    giving birth

    giving birth

More maxi pads will be necessary.

  1. Poo will probably be present

You will most likely have a bowel movement during birth but no one will tell you because it happens to everyone and it’s just whisked away along with the other entire gunk.


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