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Washington Akumu: Lessons from the drill- why you should cut that SIM card

Washington Akumu: Lessons from the drill- why you should cut that SIM card

Why you should cut that SIM Card

Many hungers ago, when I worked for a rich and highly animated telco, staff at our retail outlets noticed a nagging curiosity. An increasingly large number of customers were coming to our shops with a new query on the log: they wanted their SIM cards cut so they could be able to use the same in their spanking, new I-Phones.

Tragedy is, these cards belonged to a rival telco. The enemy logo was proudly emblazoned on them and naturally, our staff, sufficiently consumed by and pumped up with “corporate patriotism” were loath to see these SIM cards, let alone entertain any association with them.

Their default reaction was to turn these frustrated customers away. See, while our shops had SIM-cutting capacity (which our competitor did not have), the rival telco had an exclusive franchise for the high-end gadgets in the country. Some nyaparas even came up with what sounded like valid justification for not cutting these SIMs: they could not use our capacity (technology and man-hours) to advance the business of a rival.

When these reports reached the Head Honcho, a man I have a lot of respect for, he was livid! He was seething with rage. How could OUR shop attendants turn OUR customers away! From this day on, an edict was delivered from on high: the rival SIMs had to be cut, with utmost courtesy and love! Some magnoors only got the logic muuuuch later when they were

slapped with traffic data: most calls from the rival terminated on our network and we were making a tidy sum from this stream. A small spike was even discernible from the freshly enabled, cut SIMs!

Such is life. You can’t do it all. You can’t have it all. But there is stuff you can do. Mostly small stuff. When you improve an ecosystem, you end up helping everybody, mostly yourself. The oil industry has its so-called “hospitality arrangements” for product storage. Nation Media Group, my first real employer, came up with the Media Lab, the most effective journalism training device ever mounted on these shores. Tellingly, some of the beneficiaries would later move on to fry other fish, but the ecosystem is healthier for it.

So, go ahead, CUT THE SIM!

Kitimo maber to itimo mana ne in. Same goes for kitimo marach. (Dholuo=Englis)

This article first appeared on Washington Akumu’s facebook page. Republished with permission at http://kenyacurrent.com/washington-akumu-lessons-drill-cut-sim-card/

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